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Once again, New Year’s Day meets Breakcore.NL Music, another yearly free online compilation filled with over 2 hours of listening pleasure, taking the listener through a new journey of breakcore. Download and experience it yourself!


01. Infekkted – Molotov Cocktail
02. Nano.strike – Solitude In Frost
03. Porion – Evil Dread
04. Etruscan – Unimplemented Forgotten Objectives
05. Autonon – Quick Pain Release
06. Digital Kaos – Epileptic
07. Sadistic – Eye Know Why You Hate Me
08. Apzolut – Left A Leg
09. Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra – Bermuda Fire
10. M.D.S. – Final Contact
11. The Savage Apes Of Mars – The Future Is In Our Paws
12. SanMarinoSnares – Sciocchina
13. Capslock – El Golfo
14. Non Human – So Fuck You All
15. [P-R-Z] – Mashed Abba Fucking Gabba
16. Project Serendipity – Crushing Lows
17. D.A. Tist – More Then This
18. Adreim999 – Brain Cleaner
19. WSicko – A New Journey
20. Roofless – Lycklig
21. Nebulist – Interpretation
22. Solypsis – Perpetually Out Of Sorts
23. Slutto vs. Jonbob – Je T’Aime Dans La Nuit Mais Vous D├ętestez Le Matin
24. Bubblegum Noise – Get Down (The Loli)
25. Burglecut – Touch My Kick
26. Wan Bushi – This Is The Way Out
27. Kojan – Dicksuckers Will Feel The Beat
28. Alex Tune – Pumping Party
29. Babylon Disco – I Fucking Hate Myself
30. Rott In Pieces – Punks Don’t Make It
31. Null Object – Make It Hot
32. Raaskalbomfukkerz – De Ballade Van De Tiende Maag (met Curse Ov Dialect)
33. Tauchyon – A Wee

Grieg Smith blew away a gig he played in Belgium and with some true straight 4 to the floor UK industrial Core. A nice recipe for luscious disaster would be Sadistic and Ghekko (keep that in mind lads). It does what it says on the nutrition chart anyway, the bass pumps and the kicks are filthy.

To download Sadistic – The Only Thing Worth Pumpin’ Round Here’s The Bass click here: