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Zombieflesheater -7″Samurai-flux

7″ vinyl only set – ruff as usual. It was originally planned to be played at a party wich seven samurai records as host of the evening had to cancel due problems with the main organisator of that event.


01.Dj Scud – Sick In The Head
02.Rotator – Help Me To Keep Up Destruction
03.Saoulaterre – Ntm Nique La Police
04.I-Sound – Dog Years
05.Minion – End
06.Scud & Nomex – Eurostar
07.Gai/Jin – M.O.D. Theme
08.Donna Summer – Awkward Song About Love
09.Fanny – Stealing & Sabotage
10.Bombardier – Betrayal
11.Perplex Barquettes – Raw Mars Wars
12.John Dark – Terreur Et Voisinage
13.Enzyme – Die Maus Mit Der Grashalmflöte (Suburban Trash Remix Pt.2)
14.aleXdee – Rush (Society Suckers Remix)
15.Statas – Syphilis Unbound
16.Kid606 – Mix
17.Pisstank – Kicking It Straight To You
18.Noize Punishment – Sick
19.Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth – Kill Or Be Killed
20.Snares Man! – Clearance Bin
21.Kovert – Hybrid Riddim (Murderation Mix)
22.Rich Kid – Badman Anthem (Soundbwoy Remember This!)
23.DJ Scud – One (Is The Lonliest Number) (The Rudeboy Remix)
24.Fast Forward – Sexless
25.Jah Vengeance – No Light (Version)
26.The Comformist – This Is War!
27.Istari Lasterfahrer – Bombaclat
28.Zombieflesheater – The Riddim

Born 1980, Low Entropy started producing music in 1997. He has produced in a lot of electronic styles, ranging from breakcore to noize and from acidcore to dark ambient. What he is known for is that he incorporates very ambient/soundtrack-like sounds in his hard electronic tracks.
After a five year break he is now back in the hard scene again.

He has uploaded some old live performances recently:

Low Entropy live @ Fuckparade Warmup – Tresor, Berlin 2003
90 minutes, lots of breakcore, experimental and speedcore tracks, released and unreleased material!

part 1 – breakcore/experimental

part 2 – speedcore/noizecore

Low Entropy live@ Break The Silence – Musicon, The Hague 2003

Low Entropy: “In October 2003, i was booked to play at in event in The Hague, Netherlands. The party was really awesome – i liked it a lot! Other DJs at that party were artists like Gunter Saxenhammer, FFF, DJ Rioteer….I played two sets at that party: in my first set i played a selection of my breakcore tracks, while in my second set i played tracks in the style that i like most: music that combines very calm and relaxed outerspace melodies with unrhytmic, hard distorted beats and noize (like my track “symphony of creative destruction” on praxis records).”


Low Entropy has also put some videos to his tracks on youtube:


see all videos on:

Low Entropy has also the news that he is working on new tracks, so hopefully there will be new releases in the future!! check also these links:

*update* :

Low Entropy has uploaded 5 new tracks to his obscure account:

hamburg by night – dark melodies and broken, distorted drums
74bx – unsequenced ambient
the dawn of a new era – 260 bpm hardcore
future city skyline – dark ambient
super bomberman remix – bomberman on hardcore

check them out here:

*update* :

we now interrupt ur internet dataflow for the following

There will be an upcoming Low Entropy Release on Seven Samurai Records!
Style will range from hard breaks to dark ambient…
So expect some strange audio structures and plenty of aggression!

va - Amalgam (Seven Samurai records)
“Seven Samurai continues with its mission of melding the most intense sound elements of different genres together in the compilation EP “Amalgam”.
The record starts off with slamming beats and dark synth signatures in the track “Fuck You” produced in 1999 by Disruptor of the Mortal Bass Crew in London.
Noize Punishment pushes the intensity further in his remix of Schizoid in “Nihilusion” – an immediate crescendo of hard hitting beats, distorted vocals, and punk rhythms.
On the flipside is ashtar-DXD – a dynamic remix of the track “Black Minded Girl” originally performed by the Dresden band Todi.
“Desolation Coax” by label-founder Fobia finishes off the record through a harsh experiment of breaks and melodies – a musical indictment against alienation and the rampant abuse of power that restricts creativity and curtails the fulfillment of basic human needs. The “Amalgam EP” expands musical boundaries through a compilation of four extreme dance-floor tracks.”

a1 Disruptor – fuck you !
a2 Noize Punishment – Nihiluzion
b1 ashtar-DXD – Blackminded girl
b2 Fobia – Desolation COAX