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Somatic Responses, Coexsystems, Brixton ‎– Armed To The Teeth E.P.
Style:Acid, Hardcore, Techno



Somatic Responses – Glokker Acid (Hans On Mix)
Coexsystems – Stigma
Brixton – Ass … -responses … ems-stigma … ss-preview

Facebook: … ts&fref=ts

Available to buy here: … ter/534183

03.10.2012, Noiseangriff @ Lauschangriff

noiseangriff /
AMBOSS (Restroom rec./SubVersion) noise-drone liveset/
RE:NOT /liveset/
Gluing Plastic To Finger Making Artificial Things /live with diy-synths/
BIG NUMBERS /audiovisual set/

resident djs: fgnugn, Crash 0.1

Peter Rampazzo
Aikia (

entry on donation

It is meant to be an “early” night (by Berlin standards), meaning that we will go till one or two and then it will depend on the audience, the bar staff as well as ourselves if we carry on and make it a late one after all.

Incl. Praxis Record stall! check and pick up your order at the party where you can also browse through and listen to a selection of our stock!

Lauschangriff Rigaer Str 103 10247 Berlin


20.10.2012, Datacide Release Party & Conference, Subversiv

datacide konferenz /
datacide twelve will be out in October and we will celebrate with a RELEASE PARTY & CONFERENCE // 20.10.2012
in the spaces of subversiv e.v., Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte

The new issue will be available for the first time at the event!

PARTY (starts at 11 pm):
live sets & DJ’s:

KEY //
H-KON //

visuals by SANSCULOTTE //
confused images for the confused / upstairs

(talks will start in the early evening – a more precise time-table will be posted closer to the date – and will be free to attend.)

“Electronic and experimental music in Asia and Africa” by Cedrik Fermont
The official history of experimental and electronic music is mostly centered on developments in the “West” from the end of the 19th century through the 1960s, and yet, in 1944, the first known piece of African so-called “experimental music” was recorded by Halim El-Dabh in Cairo. This talk addresses the fact that electronic, experimental music, and by extension noise music, cannot been seen as a typically “Western” kind of music. The origins of the very notion of noise music do not entirely belong to “Western” culture, but most probably stem from technology, modernization, and often urbanism. What about non-Western composers of experimental, electronic and noise music, who have been written out of histories? Which culture(s) and which non-Western nations are they influenced by? Are they still maintained under a post-colonial cultural yoke?

“2012 IS THE SEASON FOR TREASON: An Assault on Establishment Culture in Germany” by the OKK Team Chus Martinez, Francisco José Avestruz & Otto Karl Kamal
Extending the assault on capitalist society through a radical take on Berlin Biennale 7, dOCUMENTA (13) and similar propaganda tools, the OKK Team will present their analysis of and strategies for countering these bourgeois gentrification festivals and their “activist” participants who are often sporting either extreme naivety or some “brown” (i.e. fascist) ideology. For more info go to:

“On the Map – Control and Freedom in Geographic Information Systems” by Split Horizon
The merger of cartography, statistical analysis and database technology threatens our privacy and autonomy, while simultaneously pluralizing our consensus of what exists, or has existed, at a place. Digital map making is now a crucial form of communication, and a newly contested media that begs exploration. This talk addresses the most severe technological consequences of location tracking, while presenting creative directions, détournements, and strategies that free and open source GIS/GPS technologies now make available to the general public.



praxis logo /

visuals by SANSCULOTTE

… and more to be announced


02.11.2012, FREAKWENZ FEST BERLIN, Brunnen 70

freakwenz /

2 rooms with : techno ■ electro ■ acid ■ dubstep ■ ṃutḁnt jungle ■ dnb ■ breḁkςore ■ drone

electro, techno, acid, ambient

DEZ WILLIAMS (Elektronik Religion || Cheap Records || SCSI-AV) Electro – UK
ACID MERCENARIES (Narcosis || Bunker || Creme Organization ) Techno/Acid – BE
THE MARX TRUKKER (Greta Cottage Workshop) Techno/Ambient Act – DE
L-REAK (The Electronic Resistance) Techno – BE
DIMENTIA (Void Tactical Media Europe Tour) Electro/Industrial – USA
TEKNOSEEKER (Analog Tecné Model || Trinacria) Tekno/acid – IT
DeeELFE (Structural Damage || Maldita Fiesta) Electro – BE
LAIN vs NEVROZ (Audioactivity || Mind´ustry) Ambient/Noise – CH/BE


dubstep, dnb, mutant, breakcore

RAXYOR (Rancorous || Peace Off) Hard-Hybrid-DNB-Core – USA
PZG (Dobrebity) Dubstep/Total Funk – PL
AMBOSS (Sub/Version || Clash of the Titans) Hard Dnb – DE
SPLIT HORIZON (Void Tactical Media Europe Tour ) Electro/Broken bass – USA
CAUTO (Disboot) Dubstep/Idm – SP
GRR (Industrial Strength || Praxis || Audiodrome) Breakcore/Hardcore – IT
GORY MEASURE (Subotnik Kombinat) Darkstep – DE
SIM ON KOR FUNKLE (Berzerk-produkts || M.o.k.) Rave/Breakcore – BE

There will also be Art Exhibition by DARKAM and VONKOR LAB , Film Projection and Merch Table with art and clothing!

WHERE: @BRUNNEN70, Brunnenstraße 70, 13355 Berlin Mitte.


24.11.2012, 20 YEARS OF PRAXIS, KÖPI

praaaxis /
At the end of November and the beginning of December 1992 the first two releases on Praxis were officially released. This means the label turns 20 this autumn!

PURE // (Sub/Version 001 – 1997)

live visuals by SANSCULOTTE // and LAIN //


13.12.2012, 20 YEARS OF PRAXIS, Kaserne Basel, Switzerland

praxis logo /
Coincides with book launch of a new book on Swiss music in the 80′s which includes an article by CF about the Vision label.


live visuals by SANSCULOTTE


by Somatic Responses

Astral Destroit   00:00/05:34
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Breakcore recorded over 3 years ago which deserves to see the light of day.

CAT: PE005

Everything by John & Paul Healy. Recorded in the Micro Chambers, Ammanford, Wales, UK.

This one goes out to the Detroit Hotel Massive – you know who you are!

ambient drum n bass dubstep hardcore industrial idm acid breakcore electronica glitch hard techno United Kingdom

-two older futurecore mixes by dj high society…
taken from the hamburg hardcore radio…

Futurecore Mix Part 1

Futurecore Mix Part 2


High Society – Future Core Mix Part 1

Somatic Responses – Sickwave
Society Of Unknowns – Dead By Dawn
Frozen – Out Of The Light
Rat of Doom – Untitled (Test 5)
Somatic Responses – Passage
Low Entropy – N-dustrial
Hall – Huge Mix
Low Entropy – Cyberspace
Low Entropy – Symphony of Creative Destruction
Low Entropy – Desire
Current 909 – Hospitalism
Frozen & Dr Macabre – Dimension Of The Doomed
Lunatic Asylum – Near the Core
Somatic Responses – Freezing Point
Low Entropy – Trashed
Frozen – The Forest
Lory D – Lochnar
Lory D – Effetto M

High Society – Future Core Mix Part 2

Supernal – Liberty And Justice For Us
E-de Cologne – Excalibur
Christoph De Babalon – Pleased With Being Alive
Christoph De Babalon – Residuum
Somatic Responses – Vaster
Christoph De Babalon – Nameless #2
Low Entropy – I Am God
Low Entropy – The Truth
Noface – Love Or Kill
Test Tube Kid – Private Eyes
Senical – Blized
Taciturne – Phenprocoumon
Cyberchrist – Information Revolution Part 2
Taciturne – Haematopan F
Demoiselle Douce Innocence – Untitled (Anticore 3)
Taciturne – Mourning
Eradicator – Used against Us
Mouse – Vlad
Eradicator – Worringen
Mouse – Shift
Low Entropy – Crystalline

-an old acidcore set by Low Entropy… link

some other old livesets by Low Entropy are also online now…
low entropy @
low entropy @ ms stubnitz
low entropy @ den haag part 1
low entropy @ den haag part 2
low entropy @ all-out demolition! III part 1
low entropy @ all-out demolition! III part 2
low entropy @ hamburg hardcore radio part 1
low entropy @ hamburg hardcore radio part 2

Some more historic Praxis releases have just been added to the Praxis Download store!
These include:
Praxis 1 – Scaremonger EP

Praxis 1X – Scaremonger Remixes
Praxis 18 – Somatic Responses: Post-Organic EP

Praxis 24 – Society of Unknowns

Praxis 42 – Nihil Fist: Resistance is Fertile


read more here: More Praxis back catalogue added to download shop « PRAXIS



Hour 01 By The Relic:

01. Hypnoskull – Machine Is Coming Down (Malfunction Remix By Converter)
02. Ophidian As Raziel ft. William F. DeVault – The Violence Of Indifference
03. Mono No Aware – Strategisch Wertvoll
04. Converter – Witch Huner
05. Raum 107 – We Are The Lost
06. Bombardier – Delusions Of Persecution
07. The Outside Agency & One Ear Bass – Metal Slug
08. Ophidian As Raziel – Groundwalker
09. Low Entropy – Acid Storm
10. Hypnoskull – Antimono (L-R Antipole Rock)
11. Control Failure – Diacetylmorphine Shoot
12. Somatic Responses – Gabicont
13. Ophidian As Raziel – Dormant Impulse
14. Terrorfakt – Welcome To Hell
15. Meander – Ghosting
16. Cubic Nomad – Bunker Soldiers
17. Mono Amine – Beyond The Status Quo
18. The Firm – French Pussy Revenger

Hour 02 By The Relic:

01. Iszoloscope – Le Dénominateur Commun (Remixed By Imminent)
02. The Firm – The Attribute Of Ponderation
03. The Emperator & Chromatic – Cracid
04. Koney – Ono Sendai
05. Dep Affect – Ruins Follow
06. Psycho-Rex – Breath Of The Chaff
07. Moleculez & Audio Revolt – The Rush
08. Promo – Day Of Anger
09. The Outside Agency & Tapage – Choice Mission
10. Hypnoskull – Dirtfunk Slam
11. Omkara Techichi – Twisted Defiance
12. The Firm – Tria Mera
13. Life::::Runs::::Red – Theta Break
14. ostoja – Show It And Run
15. Freethinker – Needle in The Brain
16. Tapage & Miss Twilight – Flood
17. Xeno & Conspiracy Monday – This Is Stealth (Forsaken Is Dead Rmx)
18. Moleculez & The Relic – Mechanically Induced Dreams

Hour 03 By The Relic:

01. N-Vitral – Return Of The Lofi Death Crew
02. Void Settler – Frog Frog Dingbat
03. Somatic Responses – T1X
04. Hypnoskull – Trivial Bang
05. Mono Amine – Encoutering No Resistance
06. Switch Technique – Exo
07. DJ Hidden – Earth Cry
08. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine – 10 Years Of Influence
09. Submerged vs Silent Killer vs Enduser – No Real
10. Somatic Responses – Meta Material
11. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique – Senseless Society
12. Enduser – Jane Doe
13. Sarin Assault & Fiend – Devil On Earth (Lost Deadline Remix by Mental Wreckage)
14. The Outside Agency & Current Value – They Are Human
15. Xanopticon – Pscicite
16. Sarin Assault – Taste Of Hell
17. Nano.Strike – Destroyer Lightbarer

Hour 04 By The Relic:

01. The Speedfreak – We Reload To Kill (Reloaded By Stormtrooper)
02. The Outside Agency – Waste Management
03. Negative A – Rock Hard (Sound Abuse Remix)
04. Jay Autopsy – Blunt Force Trauma
05. Lytton – Rip You Off
06. Freethinker – Hardcore Sucker
07. The Outside Agency – Destruction
08. Deceiver & Ophidian – Laptop Duel
09. The Peoples Republic Of Europe – Bionic Funk
10. Deathmachine – Inverse Serenity
11. Ronin – Today I Will Be Your Supervisor
12. Igneon System vs Homeboy – Respect The Strength
13. Spitting Vitriol – Speakerkiller
14. Enzyme X – Kegadoru
15. 8cylinder – Suffer Not The Unclean To Live
16. Ophidian – Strichnine
17. The Outside Agency – The Flux Capacitor
18. Low Entropy – Starting Up


The Show

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:32:00 — 169.4MB)

[01] – Airhead – Paper Street – [BRAiNMATH]
[02] – Memotone – Bellatrix – [Forthcoming ‘Black Acre’]
[03] – Sunken Foal – Low Mountain Light Socket – [Forthcoming ‘Acroplane’]

MonsterX Mix – No tracklist

[04] – O / V / R –  Post Traumatic Son – (Ben Klock Wave Mix) – [Forthcoming ‘Blueprint’]

Somatic Responses – In The Mix
Brand new album out now on Acroplane – “Clone Aware”

01. Somatic Responses – How the Dead Dream (Photon Emissions – unreleased)
02. Somatic Responses – Watching our Planet Implode [original & revision] (Photon Emissions – PE001
03. Somatic Responses – DubFlash [with kind permission from Joey Beltram, samples Energy Flash] (not on label / never to be released)
04. Somatic Responses – Hyperboyeee (Acroplane)
05. Somatic Responses – Falling Through Ice (Acroplane)
06. Somatic Responses – Full Auto Load (Acroplane)
07. Somatic Responses – Clone Aware (Acroplane)
08. Somatic Responses – Obligatory Album Track (Acroplane)
09. Somatic Responses – Oddjob Dubjob (Acroplane)
10. Somatic Responses – Batou Beats (Acroplane)


[05] – Raoul Sinier – Strange Teeth and Black Nails (Hecq O.B.E. Remix) – [Forthcoming ‘Oeuvre records’]

just found a download link to some old mixtape by Novokain (Troops Of Doom)

info from the old Troops of Doom website:

Simply put, if Satan was a DJ, this would be his mixtape. This tape is by far the best mixtape ever to have graced my ears. True speedkore and deathkore here. The mixing here is dead on, with tons of scratching, and great track selection. Last 15 minutes of side 2 are Bezerker tracks. Get this tape and see what the shoddy L.A. promoters are missing out on. New J-card design cause we feel like it. Do not be fooled by imposters!!!

Thanks to the original uploader & the original Necromancer recodings label! great stuff from the late ’90’s, if anyone can help me find the other tapes would be amazing! 


old interview as found on Troops of Doom:

Novokain – the best DJ that LA’s never heard of. Representing the GSM and Troops of Doom, Novokain is as hard as they get. Both on the decks and in producing his own tracks, Novokain’s style is a hard pounding bassline littered throughout with distorted guitars, death metal vocals, and just the right amount of evil samples. Oh, and fast as fuck, too!!! Anyone who has listened to any of Novokain’s tapes be it Gorefest Stench, Hardcore Militia, Shit-Fuck, or Lion’s Den 3 can’t argue that Novokain fucks it up on the decks.

“I first started spinning three and a half years ago at my friend DJ Ellament’s house, since he was the first person I knew who had tables.” said Novokain when asked when he first started spinning. Even when first starting out, Novokain would try and get his hands on anything that sounded extreme. Novokain elaborates more on the subject… “I started off spinning Rotterdam stuff, since that’s all the record shops would stock, but I would always try to find harder stuff. More noize, more terror… more ‘Umph’!!!”

Every DJ or producer has their share of influences, and Novokain is no exception. On the DJ influence, R.A.W., DJ Efex, Baseck, Mark N, and DJ Ellament all get high marks from Novokain. For producers, “Well, there’s a shitload. For startes, all the Fisters, especially Netas, Memetic, and Syndicate.”. He goes on to name other producers like Jack Lucifer, Eiterherd, Somatic Responses, “The man” Lasse Steen, Acid Enema, Christoph De Babalon, Newskin, and others that he can’t remember right off the top of his head.

When asked about how Novokain felt on the sudden Dutch and Rotterdam trend, Novokain stated “I don’t remember it getting the fuck out! Rotterdam WAS good ya know.”

What does Novokain see for the future of the Gabber/Speedkore Militia, the Troops of Doom, and the Southern California gabber producers that keep popping up more and more by the day? “I see a little scene within us… this is OUR scene. We the makers ‘make’ the scene, and it’ll keep getting bigger and better. More labels will pop up hopefully.”

(c) 1999 Troops Of Doom … eternal respect to you guys!

Listen streaming:…nd-midwest-memories/

Download mp3:

All vinyl, one take as always. Mixed September 2010 in Hong Kong at the Mystic Junk Studios, Inc.


00:00 Dub & Run – Young Folks [Dub & Run]
04:32 16bit – Swine Flu [Audio Freaks]
06:58 Dave Clarke – Shake Your Booty [Deconstruction]
11:22 Jeff Mills – The Extremist [Tresor]
14:42 Tesox – Go Ahead London [Plastic City]
17:51 DJ Hyperactive – Axxe Attack [Drop Bass Network]
22:20 Fanon The Big Kid – Thrust [Drop Bass Network]
26:00 Rowland The Bastard – Jupiter Stroll [Bionic Orange]
30:50 Roots – Racing Car [Adam & Eve]
33:11 Goio – Basic Needs [Drop Bass Network]
37:16 Somatic Responses – Nova 166 [Drop Bass Network]
40:42 Choose – Light Removal [Drop Bass Network]
44:55 Johnny Cash – Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart [Columbia]
46:32 Influid II – Push The Button [Influence]
49:58 Delta 9 – The Hate Tank (Buckwild Mix) [Drop Bass Network]
53:03 Delta 9 – Watch Yer Back [Industrial Strength]
56:30 Nasenbluten – Cocksucker [Industrial Strength]
57:22 Nasenbluten – Cuntface [Industrial Strength]
61:37 Scarface – Among The Walking Dead [Motown]
63:04 Syndicate – Appetite For Destruction [Bloody Fist]
67:11 Doormouse – Beer Theme [Distort]
69:51 Doormouse – Cult of AOL [Distort]
73:28 Nasenbluten – Treadmill [Bastard Loud]
75:28 Memetic – More Fukd Crap Muzak [Bloody Fist]
77:21 Stunt Rock – I Cant Believe I Ate You Out. [Addict]
80:05 Hammer Bros – Untitled from Police Story [Digitalhut Sounds]
80:50 Amiga Shock Force – Kik Me [Blut]
83:37 Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention – Help I’m A Rock (Suite In Three Movements) [Verve]

Here’s a collection of some nice flyers from the very past

Sorry for the partyflock logos, but there’s where the original ones are hosted (and you can see them on the website without logo)

Start The 98th Level · Activate Your Hardcore

Freitag der 13.


Beschädigt vs. Hardest Underground · The Need For Speed!

Audio Death

Hard as Hell

Supersonic Technicum

Turntable Terrorists

One Year Hardest Club Under Earth

Shadowlands · Rave Underground power

Crapshoot Hardcore · In Germany

Fuckparade · 1998

Synthetic War II

Tanz der Teufel

Riot in the city

Mibo’s 20th Anniversary

Hell ou Wien · Gabba & Acid on two floors

Remember Bunker · Terror On 2 Floors!


Doomsday · 2 years of SN.Hartcore

Hellcore on Christmas



The Story Of The Cenobites

Cosmetisc Stäbchen

Deadly Illusions

Back To Castle!

Hamburg Hardcore

Embrace The Darkness · Part II

Digital Illusion

1 Jahr Hakke im Stellwerk

3 Jahre Klangkrieg

Terrorize Twister · from dusk till dawn

Total Darkness · Symbiont

International Underground

Alle im Eimer! · Love & Fuck Chillout

Electronic Invasion

Planet Hardcore

Dark Energy Rhythm

Mibo’s 21st Anniversary

Hard ‘n’ Dark

Embrace The Darkness · Part III

Uwaga II


Operation Nordcore IV · We Call It Hartcore!

Eardrug · Never underestimate the power of hardcore

End of Days

Scheiß aufs Millenium, Wir wollen Hardcore

Staddome · Hardcore Night

Hamburg vs. Berlin · part II

Utterly Wipe Out!

Hell or heaven · part 1

Fuckparade 2k Party

Bass Parade

Utterly Wipe Out



Break Down The Walls

Dark Energy Rhythm · part II

Skull ‘n Bones Party

Well Darkness III

Sir Harris Tunes · Beat Offensive

Peace Off Records


Utterly Wipe Out!

Welcome To Hell · Hakk Up Your X-Mas

Utterly Wipe Out!

When Techno meets Hardhouse

Spectral Noise

Utterly Wipe Out!

Hell or heaven · part 2

From Hell · The Dark Side Of Easter


Utterly Wipe Out!

Big Bang

Nuclear Overkill

Strukturbruch · Auftakt


Utterly Wipe Out!

Tresor.core special

Fuckparade 2001 · International Underground

Bloody Fist

Bloody Fist

Aderlass · Bloody Fist

Live Evil London V

Strukturbruch · Concrete Jungle

Cross Fade Enter Tainment · Get Fucked

Nuclear Overkill II · Battle Of Underground

Terror Struck · DJ Twilight Bday

Strukturbruch · Konsequenz

Death In the Town


Nuclear Overkill · Hardcore Ueber Alles

Live Evil 666

Klangkrieg · Neo Rave

Doomsday · 5 Years

Utterly Wipe Out!


Sick & Twisted

Smash Capitalism

Utterly Wipe Out!

All-Out Demolition

Enter the Deathchant

Hell or heaven · part 4


Sick & Twisted

Utterly Wipe Out!

Live Evil 7

Corefusion II


Morgengrauen · From Industrial To Speedcore

No Speed Limit

Fuckparade · Soli & WarmUp-Party

Sick & Twisted

Utterly Wipe Out!

All-Out Demolition · II

Utterly Wipe Out!

Strukturbruch und Widerstand

Broken Beat Madness

Hell or heaven · part 5

Sick & Twisted

Utterly Wipe Out!

Nordcore Attack

Hakke meets Tekkno 1

Klangkrieg · Low Pop Artefacts

Doomsday · 666 year of Sn.hc

thanks to the original uploaders!