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Tracklist :01 Mechakucha – We Have Never Leaved
02 Nevermind – Lacerator Rmx (Original By Lacerator)
03 Hellseeker – Belligerence
04 Rotello – We Wont Miss U (GFB Remix)
05 Paranoizer – Terminal Damage
06 Noizefucker – Utopia
07 AngerNoizer – Cunts For Shitwhore
08 R10T33R – Warten auf Edith
09 Hellseeker – Chipcore
10 Earfist vs. Svartalfheim – The Terrorist Theme
11 Hellseeker – Blackened Horizon
12 Eustachian – My Name is Roar Roar
13 Hellseeker – Blissful Silence (Vocals By Nikkita)
14 HKV – Machinegunphonk
15 Zombieflesheater – Slaughter Of Darkness
16 Hellseeker – The Art Of Destruction
17 Mechakucha – Unaible To Launche Daemon [Soci4bility]
18 Terminal 11 – Birds (Eustachian Remix)
19 GFB – Cold War (Hellseeker Remix)

Low Entropy – Speedcore 1997-2003 – Free Netrelease

Style: Speedcore, Hardcore, Experimental

Length: 46 Minutes

01. Start The Panic
02. Untitled
03. Billions
04. Fast
05. Untitled
06. Untitled
07. U-tention
08. Untitled
09. Don’t
10. Untitled
11. Untitled
12. Untitled

a collection of previously unreleased speedcore tracks that he produced
between 1997-2003.

In recent years intollerant elements have infiltrated the terror scene in Holland. It recently has come to a point where some foreign speedcore acts have even decided not to play in Holland anymore because of the current status of the scene. We are tired of intollerant behaviour, agression and blatant stupidity taking over the scene in Holland. We’re here to change that. Reclaim the floor send Helga to Rehab!


line-up for november 6th at 013 Batcave, Tilburg:

Nihil Fist (Less Than Zero, Praxis)
Sacred Forces (Sacred Underground Productions)
Mental Destruction (Ultra.BrainDance)
Rioteer (Crack Beats)
Bart Hard (Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot)
Vague_Entity (Braindestruction Recordz)
Plagiaat VJ’s

start: 22.00h end: 04.00h

damage: 5 eurodollars