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Yesterday Otto von Schirach and Doormouse arrived in Tilburg.

The MASE System was also build up in the Hall Of Fame. 8 Boxes in the hall that will give the opportunity to send sounds in all directions, using special equipment from the MASE Interface. Today Doormouse, Otto von Schirach and Rioteer will get all the instructions from Stefan Robbers from Muzieklab, who is one of the inventors of the system, and probably best know to you as from the Acid Junkies.

more news coming soon!

Yesterday the artists got their first change of using the MASE system. After experiencing the whole day Otto von Schirach and Doormouse went to see the Sun Ra Arkestra, some inspiration from the past for these guys. In between Rioteer has programmed his new track ideas for use of the MASE system.

Today the guys continued using the system and could work their ideas out. Herunder are the first photos from the sessions and from the Hall Of Fame, photographed by Gert Gering from Muzieklab. On the photos you see the MASE System, Otto von Schirach, Doormouse and Rioteer with Stefan Robbers, who’s giving explanation of how the MASE system works, with thereunder lot of art that is shown on the Hall Of Fame building: