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King Deluxe brings us a new collaboration in their ongoing 2999 project, with Terminal 11 soundtracking the future and shichigoro-shingo illustrating it to life.

Also, we’re just a week away from the release of Mass, the debut of UK artist Vaetxh.  Included in the EP are remixes from Culprate, Dead Fader, Subjex, Circuit Bent and Woulg.  But also still fresh is Horizon Glow from Option Command, which is getting plenty of raves and you can still grab the 192 version for no charge.

King Deluxe is also in love with motion pictures… theu have a very cool Vaetxh animation on the way this weekend, and last month they featured Lukas Vojir’s video for “Woman”… however now focus your attention on this exquisitely bizarre creation by Nnnic Wilson for the Montgomery Clunk/Fancy Mike tune “Captain Nero”…


IdealCrash – Harder, Faster (July 2010)

Styles: acid – tekno – breaks – core


## Producer – Title – Catalog

01 Wako – Untitled – ST004
>> Breakage – Rebel Creations – CRIT030
02 FKY – Untitled – MODULAR06
04 Èmèl – Spijker – TSR017
05 Wylly – Untitled – TESLA004
05 David Spaans – Desert Planet – TDK023
>> Breakage – Rebel Creations – CRIT030
06 Smokescreens – 3000 – PK004
07 bRz – Shifting Airwaves – TDK022
08 bRz – Involded Future Expedition – CHAMELEON
09 bRz – Dirty Job – TDK022
10 Mono-Amine – Pandarve – CHAMELEON
11 Gnark! – Chicken Head – BUV09
12 Fracture 4 – Scorched – SHED006
13 OBX – Untitled – OBX005
14 SCLE – Harajucore Kids – RRR02
15 Manga Corps – The Hunter – IST14
15 SCLE – Ukujarah – RRR02
16 Manga Corps – First Wave – IST14
17 Shitmat – The Most Radical Free Party Since 1979 – WNG011
18 Hellfish – Armadrillo Mk.2 – DEATHCHANT-6
19 Kid Spatula – Hard Love – ZIQ009
20 Raw & Uncut – Blackhand Breakz – VIOLENTSP 4
21 Istari Lasterfahrer – Teach Dem – SPB12004
22 Unibomber – Popular Demand – NTK008
23 Venetian Snares – Herbie Goes Ballistic – ZIQ077
>> Subjex – Supersonic Mezze – INVITRO04

100% vinyl


mr oizo nazis
sebastian russell funny like i’m a clown
secret mommy daycare
eight frozen modules my garden
lesser obligatory glitch worship
matmos steam and sequins for larry levan
matmos tract for valerie solanas
eats tapes animal minded
kero untitled [on acid again]
para one turtle trouble
tobias schmidt limbo bobo
havanna exotica surfin’ on moog
glen velez atom™ remix
cassetteboy [untitled 09]
moderat [feat. paul st. hilaire] let your love grow
secret mommy tennis court
uffie ready to uff
fym i feel right like [having a party tonight]
conceal febian
phoenecia boombonic plague [gorge! binge! purge! edit]
kero untitled [on acid again]
inch-time voyage to brobdingnag
havanna exotica surfin’ on moog
[a]pendics.shuffle dirty bed
uffie pop the glock [sebastian remix]
fym i feel right like [having a party tonight]
secret mommy tennis court
ellen allien & apparat do not break
cardopusher i’m going to rave your ass up like an accident
cardopusher at the same time [mothboy remix]
modeselektor my mosque is my cathedral
loefah goat stare
o.lamm deconstructed by erich zahn
subjex kebab digestion booster
jackson moog acid rmx
armando turn my shit up
[a]pendics.shuffle optimal clamour
bruno pronsato seria suerte
fym move your feet
dafluke i wish [marcel knopf remix]
radiq rip, rig and panic
dafluke err9r-prone [err9rfitzfixedmix]
s-max jackin’ box energy
westend ghetto glitchgirls
dafluke i wish [marcel knopf remix]
[a]pendics.shuffle you better [kick down] – mark henning rmx
fym i feel right like [having a party tonight]
dell & flügel 4 door body cell
pinch qawwali
modeselektor silikon [grime remix]
loefah & skream fearless
appleblim girder
dragibus boule [viens ici]!
s isabella take on me
donna summer bicycle race
modeselektor turn deaf!
din-st i can’t stop it
spank rock backyard betty
funkstörung punk motherfucker
conceal tito
satanicpornocultshop porque te vas
grim dubs vol. 5
phon.o ridin’ dirty
modeselektor dancing box [sleeparchive remix]
glynis jones schlum rooli
satanicpornocultshop get ur freak on
swedish panic porno mirrorball bike rider
charles mingus

Mixed + chopped at Stormcrow Towers, April 2006 by Pete Stormcrow + Dancon1…..


the new cd-mix of the KBAL Sound System. Limited edition: 100 copies only for the cd !!! and in free download for the MP3 !!!

[AKHA 03] Baboon – Banned From The Scene
Format: CD and MP3
Style: Breakcore, Industrial, Hardcore


1 Walter Carlos – Title Music From A Clockwork Orange
2 Tapage & Meander – Battle Jellyfish
3 Istari Lasterfahrer – Somewhere Out There
4 Istari Lasterfahrer – Do You Think
5 Senical – En Omgang Mundgodt
6 Low Pitched Killers – Untitled
7 Doormouse – Untitled
8 Base Force One – Welcome To Violence
9 Noize Creator – Chinpo On The Rocks
10 ADC – Sincroindustry
11 Doormouse – So Hard!
12 Noize Creator – Push It! (Unequal 99)
13 Abelcain – Faust (Fausmous Mix)
14 Duran Duran Duran – Hairmetal
15 Subjex – Yadlaloop
16 Eiterherd – Ugla
17 Give Up – Trouble
18 KSI – Untitled
19 Maladroit – Funky Parasite Riddim
20 Dr. Bastardo – How Me The Way
21 Jackal & Hide – The Jackal
22 FFF – Hallways Of The Always
23 FKL – Digital Voice
24 Eiterherd – Daemon (Hakkerz Release)
25 Sickboy – Much Advice Against Everyone
26 Barakafrite – No Dibidibitest
27 Cakebuilder – Necron The Hell God
28 Walter Carlos – Title Music From A Clockwork Orange


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