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The first Filthcast of 2012 welcomes the return of The Teknoist!

This year we aim to broaden our horizons, push the Filthcast into fresh musical directions and incorporate a ton of new and exciting artists.

What better way to start than with a brutal mix by The Teknoist…

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One Year Left IntroTipper – Ruck (feat. Epcot)

Broken Note & Machine Code – Milkplus

Dub Elements – Pop IM (Panacea VIP)

Counterstrike & Zardonic – When Worlds Collide

The Outside Agency & Sei2ure – Undermind

Donny & Current Value – Drill

Tymon – Never Look Back

The Teknoist – The Beast

The DJ Producer & Bong Ra – Bloodclot Techno

Scheme Boys Amon Tobin & Limewax Mashup

Bong Ra – Yeti (The DJ Producer Remix)

Saltillo – A Hair On The Head Of John The Baptist



Artwork by Bernie Wrightson

PLAYLIST – 12th June 2010

Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Frankin’stein
Bong – Zombies
Solypsis – The Beast With Seven Heads (Terminal 11’s Sparkle Downer Remix)
Pale – Monster (Dusk Terminal Edit)
Abelcain – Curse of Dracula
Divtech – The Monsters in my Pocket are Working around Trademarks
Batuta – A Real Monster
Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra – Dancing With Dragons
Zombie – Patermonster
The Teknoist – Crying Chimera
Xylocaine – Vampire
Hard Natural Nation – Monster Classics
Mortician – Werewolves Curse
Malevolent Creation – Monster
Lair of the Minotaur – When the Ice Giants Slayed All
Macabre – Werewolf of Bedburg
Satyricon – Dreams of a Satyr
Teen Cthulhu – Daygon-Hydra
Vitamin X – Master/Monster
The Stockholm Syndrome – Red Dragons
Rollins Band – Monster
Tomorrow People – Medusa
Ya Aha – Monsters in a Trans Am
Limited Express (Has Gone?) – Monsters, Inc.
The Cramps – God Monster
The Monsters – Gozilla
The Queers – Monster Zero
Voodoo Glow Skulls – Closet Monster
King Horror – Loch Ness Monster
Scientist – Ghost of Frankenstein
Jah Wobble and the Chinese Dub Orchestra – Dragon and Phoenix Dub
Tim Hecker – Chimeras


more Thematics Radio check: THEMATICS Radio show based around themes on 2RRR in Sydney

It’s april, almost may, and it’s a good month to make a review of the best records & cd’s from 2008 ! 🙂

I was sorting out what records I have bought from 2008 and 2009 by the use of my discogs.. here’s the result of all the must haves or just go check-it-outs from the recent past:

Doornen    Caveman Prototype
Leviathan / Crebain    Leviathan/Crebain Split
Various    Angriff
Rioteer    Crack Beats #2
Robert Inhuman    Identity
Mancubus vs Mr. Porc    Solitude EP
Carnage    A Piece For Assorted Lunatics
Eustachian & Teknoist*    Drunk Drunken Drunkard
Mouse & No Name     Untitled
Leviathan     Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
Merzbow / Band Of Pain    The Celebration Of The Lizard / March Of The Myriapoda
Death Storm    We Are Deathstorm
Various    Ministry Of Shit 2
Passenger Of Shit    Untitled
Passenger Of Shit    Dingo Donga Up Ya Bunga
Various    I & I Relations
Maruosa    Untitled
Genghis Tron    Board Up The House
Berzerker, The    The Reawakening
Bart Hard    Noise Core E.P.
Franz Fjödor    Sequence
Various    Maschinenfest 2008
Christoph De Babalon    Scylla & Charybdis
Anonymous    Anonymous Series Volume One
Various    Rigormortis Records No. 1
Ra-X    Cracktown Tilburg
Realicide / Capital Hemorrhage    Split EP
Vague_Entity    Play With Your Mind
Drokz & Mr. Courage*    This Is Terror 9
Lowtek / Jensen / Massacre, The    The Lost Luggage E.P.
Various    MKMKapotMoet 21 March 2008
Various    EP Koi Enkor !?
Various    Show The Love
Unibomber    D.P.H.C.E.P.
Various    Kampfansage Projekt Hardcore
Painbringer    Street Knowledge
Heretik     No Obvious Signs Of Abuse
DJ Narotic Vs Lenny Dee    Ring Around The Pit
Various    Industrieel Erfgoed
JeRe    La Glace A La Viande EP / Urban Break Corps Vol 02
Various    Attraktion From The Other Side


E(‘)de DJ Team @ Ketacore komt naar je toe deze zomer

1. oostblok – A.N.T.O.N.
2. Jamiroquai – Deeper Underground
3. Hellfish – U don’t quit
4. De Euromasters – Noike in de Koike
5. Hellfish – Dogfish
6. B-Slave – Down Under (CAPSLOCK remix)
7. Bob Marley – Jammin’
8. Limewax – Agent Orange
9. Marshall Masters – I like it loud
10. Outblast & Catscan – Stampgevaar
11. E(‘)de DJ Team – Sambacore (Stanez remix)
12. DVE & Bolle – In dur kont neukuh
13. The Outside Agency & Mindustries – Schermutselingen
14. Diss-Reaction – Yiiiieeehaaaa
15. Bong-Ra & Dirty Dread – Blood & Fire (The Teknoist remix)
16. Supply Module – Enslave Humanity Mainly via Intentionally Wasting resources
17. H-Rock – The Crunckcore Anthem
18. The Speedfreak – Ganjasex (weemix)
19. Stickhead & Don Demon – Demonhead
20. Sorcerer – Silence
21. The Bloodhound Gang – Mope
22. Da Highlandz – Ben ie wel goed te passe?
23. E(‘)de DJ Team – Mental Disorder
24. Da Highlandz – Koffie Verkeerd

Pillaged & Plundered EP
Eustachian / The Teknoist
AD94 / 12″ / Ad Noiseam
March 2008!

Coming just in time for their tour throughout Europe, “Pillaged & Plundered” is a clear statement of what the crowds should expect. On the one side, The Teknoist throws in two new tracks of the excellent and tasty breed of breakcore, gabber and metal which has made of him one of Europe’s most sought after producer of the genre. On their side, Eustachian opens wide the gates of Hell, mashing up grindcore, breakcore and noise with a brutality and ingenuity rarely seen so far. Watch out, these guys are after you sanity.

A1. The Teknoist: Have You Seen
A2. The Teknoist: No Such Luck
B1. Eustachian: Axbxrxbx
B2. Eustachian: Z
B3. Eustachian: The Sphagnum Bog
B4. Napalm Death: Smear Campain (Eustachian’s Trifecta Fecal Factor mix)

Artwork by Fighting
Mastering by C-Drik.


Drunk, Drunken, Drunkard EP
Eustachian / The Teknoist
DSR28 / 12″ / Death$ucker
March 3, 2008

Eustachian is coming back to Europe and this time with UK Dance Floor Smasher “The Teknoist.” The Teknoist and Eustachian have a split 12″ coming out on Parasite’s Legendary Label “Death$ucker Records.” They both have tons of new releases coming up in 2008, on Peace Off, Ad Noiseam, Planet-Mu and Bong-ra’s up coming label “Kriss Records” to name a few.

A. Eustachian – Strongface
AA. The Teknoist – Richie’s Breakcore Love Song

Artwork by Nikibi

bang face

BANG FACE 59 – Friday 12th September 2008




9pm – 6am @ Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, Islington, London EC1V 1NQ

Hype & Ticket info:


Heavy Sick Zero 6th Anniversary party!
8/10 at Nakano Heavy Sick Zero
http://www. heavysick. co. jp/zero/

DOOR 3000YEN(1D) ADV 2500YEN(1D)