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PLAYLIST – 3rd March 2012

Atari Teenage Riot – Digital Hardcore
Alec Empire – Hardcore Gal
DJ 6666 – Welcome to the Shit Generation
Atari Teenage Riot – Get Up While You Can
Atari Teenage Riot – Kids are United
Atari Teenage Riot – Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Atari Teenage Riot – Revolution Action
Atari Teenage Riot – Too Dead For Me
Atari Teenage Riot – Raver Bashing
Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley – Come On Fight You Punk
Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley – Last Message from the Soul
Alec Empire – We All Die!
Alec Empire – I Just Wanna Destroy…
Alec Empire – The Peak
EC80R – Cocaine Ducks
Bomb 20 – Burn the Shit Down!
Bomb 20 – Don’t You Know
EC80R – I Don’t Want to be a Part of This
Flex Busterman – You Failed
Carl Crack – Gangsta
Hanin Elias – Show
DJ Mowgly – Cook Cook
EC80R – The One and Only High and Low
Christoph De Babalon – Nostep
Christoph De Babalon – Expressure
The Curse Of The Golden Vampire – Temple of the Yellow Snake


Thematics - Seething Sounds From Sydney's Suburbs Special (2011) 

Artist: Thematics Radio
Title: Seething Sounds From Sydney's Suburbs Special
Style: Hardcore, Drum 'n' Bass, Breakcore, Speedcore
Size: 258MB
Bitrate: 320Kpbs

Hedonist - StepToe Rmx

Drunken Ninjas Of Torment - Live Set
1. New Beginnings
2. Malfunction
3. Ice Cream Sundae
4. Melted
5. Bored RMX Me I'm Not
6. Technically
7. When I get to Where I'm Going
8. Christmas Carol
9. MIDI Jam
10. The Machine That Became My Father
11. Same Routine
12. Screw Loose
13. Bending Spoons

Thabeast - Live Set
Mothball Z - Intro
Eject - Absent Human Behaviour
Geoff Da Chef - Incomplete
Geoff Da Chef - Quick Cup
Noize Generator - Genocide
Rage Reset - Chaos

Mr. 556a - I Kill D's
Tymon - Gucci
The Pilfernators - The Man With the Gun
Passenger Of Shit - Slice Your Rectum
Maladroit - Ante Up That Should Not Be Stylee


2010 Music Special

December 27th, 2010



THEMATICS is a weekly radio show, part of the Jaunt Collective on 2RRR-FM in Sydney. The theme is themes and they vary from genre-specific, to mixes and lyrical themes, across two hours. Special guests are often on the show to help select to suit whatever theme is chosen.

PLAYLIST – 25th December 2010

Phenoplastic – Surface Light
Ronin – The Hand That Rocks
Tortoise – Gigantes (Mark Ernestus Version)
Mr. Bill – Osseous
Mothball Z – Fuck What A Punk Bitch Think
Sickboy – Tweencore 5
Sir Vixx – Chicago Has Gone Soft
DJ Skull Vomit – Zombie Addict
Venetian Snares – Welfare Wednesday
Commie Dread – Bun Dem to Death
theDEXorphan – Bad Mouth
Paul Blackout – We Must Create
Igneon System – Do it for the Haterz
The Outside Agency – The Flux Capacitor
Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families – Too Many Times
Ragnarok – Stabbed by the Horns
Grave – Sexual Mutilation
Jesus Crost – Gonorrhoea
Jesus Crost – Tsarbomba
Jesus Crost – Frostkeller
Suffer – P.O.V.
Suffer – Selfish
Suffer – Wasted Faces
Envy – Pieces of the Moon I Weaved
Rubbish Throwers – Tapeworms
Grinderman – Evil
Squat Club – Corvus
The Versionaries – Drop Weight
Bad Religion – Meeting of the Minds


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French Breakcore Special

December 13th, 2010


Photo by Lizukasan


THEMATICS is a weekly radio show, part of the Jaunt Collective on 2RRR-FM in Sydney. The theme is themes and they vary from genre-specific, to mixes and lyrical themes, across two hours. Special guests are often on the show to help select to suit whatever theme is chosen.


PLAYLIST – 11th December 2010

Sam Pleater – French Cancore
Randomatik Blast – Stcepsus
Monster X – Horrible Thing
Slam – Suicide Scherzo
Rotator – Fight Back
Mr. Kill – Brukout
Krumble – Usual Terror
Igorrr – Oeusophage De Tourterelle
Burglecut – Parle Moi Plutot
Broken NVEP – Hit the Raver
Doc Colibri – Faya Bumbaka
Ruby My Dear – The Dreaming Tree
Larsp – Melencoliah Tremor
Llamatron – Boby Dick
Helius Zhamiq – Zooby La Much
Mental D-Struction – Jeremie 25.30
Circuitsmasher – Tycon
Stazma – I Like Fishdicks!
Repeater – Dyslexic Funky Droid
Electric Kettle – Hoopin’n’Hollerin
Electromeca – Brutal Funk
Znobr The Break Fucker and N-T – Myst
Burglecut – Comment Draguer Dans Un Aeroport


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Click = Original

Special show this week as each track played is free to download as the original MOD file to view, remix or just play. To listen to mods, you’ll need a program like MODPlug Tracker or XMPlayer and to edit mods you’ll need a program like Renoise or MilkyTracker. To listen to the show, just click on each/all of the Parts or right click to save. Thanks to all the producers who donated their mods and to Croy and Brothelowner for their knowledge.

PLAYLIST – 4th December 2010
Special guests: Croy Broodfood and DJ Brothel0wner

Part 1 – Classics

Martin Galway – Arkanoid
Inertia – Panik
Echo – Cybernet
Echo – Jesus 0
Outsider – Acid Flashback
U41A – Watch Your Bass Bin
Hydlide – BBS-intro
Riku Nuottajrvi – Star Control 2.Tune4
Andemar – I Wanna C U Dance
Rocky MT – Psycho-Bum II


Part 2 – Artists

Brothel0wnerNew Bark
EpsilonRegular Crite
EpsilonEating Willy Beamish
EpsilonSmash Casio Insides
EpsilonSub05 ( Hedonist Remix)
AbortifacientNothin\’ Sus
XylocaineWeeping Wounded
Animal IntelligenceTek 9
PeterRiots in Brixton
Stone HeadThe Wrath of Khan
Circulator – Raid Remix
Passenger Of ShitCartooncore Web 2
Passenger Of ShitBleeding Dick


Part 3 – Hardcore

Zetor – Motherfucking Bimbo
The Undertaker – PCP
Blackout – C-Tank Megamix
Nabil Jamel – Mizuid Core
ANC vs VOA – High-Noon
DJ Heavy – Volle Kanne
Rotello – Bim Num Bam (Live Mix)
Dioxide – #88Noize
Rotello – Circular
Earblower – Mono Rail
Earblower – The Launch Sequence
ANC – Standing


Unplayed tracks

Lloigor – End of a Millenium
Lloigor – Necrocalypsia
Earblower – Swollen With Blood
ANC – Da Sikkest Man…

Christmas present from Brothel0wner:

TRACKING 4 THE MASSES – Free download of the 1998 compilation CD of various Epping artists + guests presented by Brothel0wner

To find out more about 8 bit music and trackers you could go to:

NEXT WEEK – French Breakcore

Donna Summer Sydney Gig Special


PLAYLIST – 2nd October 2010

Donna Summer – Dense
Donna Summer – Possibly Useless
Passenger Of Shit – Fuckdogterdsupmyvagina RMX
Killjoy – Tearin’ Up My Heart RMX
B.I.N.T. and Killjoy – Cockblast
Vicious Cyclist – Berlin!
B.I.N.T. – Handle Your Business
Hammer and Tongs – Sheilas and Blokes


Supertramp – Logical Song
ELO – Last Train to London
Steely Dan – Babylon Sisters

*B.I.N.T. – Live Set*

Fukno – Federal Election Acid (Live 14/08/10)
Hammer and Tongs – Original Fucker
Jason Forrest – Severe High
Vicious Cyclist – Fly Codeine Pacific
Microphyst – WWF Superstars



Artwork by Bernie Wrightson

PLAYLIST – 12th June 2010

Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Frankin’stein
Bong – Zombies
Solypsis – The Beast With Seven Heads (Terminal 11’s Sparkle Downer Remix)
Pale – Monster (Dusk Terminal Edit)
Abelcain – Curse of Dracula
Divtech – The Monsters in my Pocket are Working around Trademarks
Batuta – A Real Monster
Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra – Dancing With Dragons
Zombie – Patermonster
The Teknoist – Crying Chimera
Xylocaine – Vampire
Hard Natural Nation – Monster Classics
Mortician – Werewolves Curse
Malevolent Creation – Monster
Lair of the Minotaur – When the Ice Giants Slayed All
Macabre – Werewolf of Bedburg
Satyricon – Dreams of a Satyr
Teen Cthulhu – Daygon-Hydra
Vitamin X – Master/Monster
The Stockholm Syndrome – Red Dragons
Rollins Band – Monster
Tomorrow People – Medusa
Ya Aha – Monsters in a Trans Am
Limited Express (Has Gone?) – Monsters, Inc.
The Cramps – God Monster
The Monsters – Gozilla
The Queers – Monster Zero
Voodoo Glow Skulls – Closet Monster
King Horror – Loch Ness Monster
Scientist – Ghost of Frankenstein
Jah Wobble and the Chinese Dub Orchestra – Dragon and Phoenix Dub
Tim Hecker – Chimeras


more Thematics Radio check: THEMATICS Radio show based around themes on 2RRR in Sydney

Play list from recent show on Thematics Radio 2rrr 88.5:


Photo by Paul Wright
Special guests: Croy Broodfood and DJ Brothelowner

“DJ Brothelowner & Croy Broodfood join Thematics this Saturday night to play some old records which have been sampled ad nauseam (and probably a few  records which feature those samples). Think, Amen Brother, Funky Drummer etc. A must for music nerds and scenesters alike.”

Below the original breaks are available for download as .WAV…
Also a link to a crumby megamix containing all the breaks as XRNS or MP3 and a link to an mp3 of the radio show itself.

Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution (download the break)
Dr. Octagon – Wild and Crazy

Billy Squier – The Big Beat (download the break)
Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Sharp

Joe Tex – Papa Was Too (download the break)
Epmo – Jane

Incredible Bongo Band – Apache (download the break)
Nas – Made You Look
Secret Squirrel – Coming On Dark

James Brown – Funky Drummer (download the break)
Run-DMC – Run’s House
Urban Shakedown – Some Justice
Syndicate – Lower Level

James Brown – Soul Pride (download the break)
Squarepusher – A Journey to Reedham (7am Mix)

Barry White – I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Babe (download the break)
Tone Loc – Cutting Rhythms

Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks (download the break)
Beastie Boys – Rhymin’ and Stealin’

Kool and the Gang – N.T. (download the break)
Public Enemy – B Side Wins Again

Ike Turner – Funky Mule (download the break)
Source Direct – Call and Response

Funk Inc. – Kool is Back (download the break)
MC Eiht – Growing Up in the Hood

Lyn Collins – Think (About it) (download the break)
Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two
Venetian Snares – Eurocore MVP

Skull Snaps – It’s a New Day (download the break)
Stezo – It’s My Turn

Commodores – Assembly Line (download the break)
Nebula II – Flatliners (played wrong record)

The Winstons – Amen Brother (download the break)
Mantronix – King of the Beats
N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton

Hedonist – Blandville Court Mega Mix (download the mega mix as MP3) or (download the Renoise file)


Most of the first hour of original songs are featured here

Wild 067 – Bart Hard, La Foudre, Mental D-struction – Live @ Thematics 19.12.09

Speedcore / Experimental / Industrial / Rythmic Noise

Tracklist :
01. Bart Hard – Live @ Thematics
02. La Foudre – Live @ Thematics
03. Mental D-struction – Live @ Thematics

Free Download [Click Here]

Torrent [Click Here]