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alphacut 008 out now!

acr008 done in september 2008, white 12″ vinyl with yellow and black details, including eleven locked grooves

a1 line 47 thousand year descent into ruffness
a2 bop noosphere
b1 throttler black highway
b2 mendelayev i’m zombie

to push the boundaries of what was known as drum&bass, was alphacut’s primary aim when it was founded six years ago. this time it seems as if this goal has finally been reached: four playable uptempo smashers by promising artists from all over this crazy little planet. each one running his totally unique business, though all songs feel united by their obvious intention to expand the one they used to call the drum&bass. everything is possible: hard hittin electronica, deep darkstep and edgy drumfunk. this is it, welcome 2008!

“fast and dancefloor compatible, but a great mental movie at the same time. typical alphacut” (kreuzer)

CAKEBUILDER “Blood & Thunder” 12″

Out Now/NRFTR 12.05/

“Hardcore zombie holocaust that pulls from industrial roots. Infamous defilement of Adnoiseam and Drosstik. Includes a remix by Bong-ra.”

Forbidden Society “POLIBTE MI PRDEL” 12″

Out Now/AC01

“Drum and bass meets hardcore as Forbidden Society kicks off this new series with an all out subwoofer grinding assault of kick drum assasination.”

Throttler “Through Flames” 12″

Out Now/AC02

“Dark tech drum and bass.Steady dark rythms and assaulting bass to live or die for.

In Broken Key “The Remixes” 12″

Out Soon/NRFTR 12.06/

“Mangled dark orchestral breakcore remixes of IBK galactic assdragon 7″ by Abelcain,Slutmachine, Shatterbreak and Greg Trash.Limited edition of 200 copies on purple vinyl with bonus cdr.”

Somatic Responses “Feed the Machine” 12″

Out Soon/FTM01

“Dedicating the Healy”s sound are Prometheus Burning, Minion and ValaV. Very efficient hardcore/industrial breakcore.”

Jstat “Galactic Assdragon 05″ 7”

Out Soon/NRFTR 7.03

“The hardcore sound Speedy-j can only dream about.”