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Approach Lights 2010Tympanik Audio’s 2010 catalog sampler is finally here as a free download featuring some of the very best selections from our third year of releases including Totakeke, C.H. District, SE, Access To Arasaka, Dirk Geiger, Fractional, Autoclav1.1, Undermathic, Displacer, Tapage & Meander, Candle Nine, Geomatic, Zeller, Anklebiter, Famine, Lucidstatic, and remixes by L’Ombre, Autoclav1.1, and Subheim.

For our families, friends, and fans far and wide; without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for three amazing years. The best is yet to come…

Download Approach Lights 2010 here [320kbps MP3 – 220MB .ZIP]


01. Autoclav1.1: Waxing
02. Tapage & Meander: Tolopea
03. Geomatic: Above Horizon
04. Zeller: Starship Weapons Kit
05. Displacer: Lost Mission (L’Ombre remix)
06. C.H. District: Conclusion
07. Lucidstatic: A.L.
08. Fractional: Sie (Autoclav1.1 remix)
09. Totakeke: Untitled 09
10. Undermathic: 10:10pm
11. Candle Nine: Icarus Descending
12. Access To Arasaka: kill_recorder=$c1
13. Famine: Material Things
14. SE: Mimikry (Subheim remix)
15. Dirk Geiger: Itch Glitch
16. Anklebiter: Frigid

Produced, Compiled, and Arranged by Paul Nielsen

Photography, Design, and Mastering by Mike Slansky

[TA051] Famine: Nature’s Twin Tendencies


Tympanik Audio is proud to present the long-awaited return of Toronto’s one and only Famine.

‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ opens a new volume in the Famine chronicles offering an aural cauldron of styles ranging from melody-laced Breakcore and glitchy Metal riffs to beat-rich Electronica and melancholy IDM. A sick sonic stew indeed, Famine projects a stimulating, crafty, and addictive concoction of sounds that lock in staying power and offer no compromises whatsoever.

Distinctive, turbulent, and unwavering, each chapter of ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ offers a diverse new tale full of compelling elements that will seize your senses and grasp your attention at every twist and turn. With stern attention to rhythm and melody, Famine injects powerful glitch-soaked beats, intense rhythmic chaos, and futuristic melodic playfulness into each of his new works. Fully alive and utterly provoking, ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ will set fire to your imagination and leave you yearning for more.

Available now on digipak compact disc with artwork design by Crime League.

01. Mercury (What Lies Behind The Curtain) [clip preview]
02. Powerspender
03. Sig/Int
04. Utarid [clip preview]
05. Remorseless
06. Dread Father
07. Blasphemous Reverence [clip preview]
08. Realign (The Conjuration of Perfect Nature)
09. Dantalion
10. Material Things [clip preview]
11. Weak [clip preview]
12. Nature’s Twin Tendencies
13. Everyone Is Happy


Tapage & Meander

Etched in Salt

November 8th on Tympanik Audio

1 – California Blue
2 – The Tide
3 – Tolopea
4 – Hydrostatic Skeleton
5 – Subumbrella Dispute
6 – Plankton
7 – Atolla Wyvillei
8 – Oceanographic
9 – Nectocalyx Barrage
10 – Osedax
11 – Abyssal Plain
12 – Delicate Hydroid

preview … preview-01

In december the people of the kraakpiep forum gathered their forces to make a definitive top 10 of greatest releases in 2009. This top represents the kraakpiep forum in all diversity. Take a look and make sure you listen to all the releases you missed last year!

1 Kettel – Myam James Part 2 (Sending Orbs) … se/1760097
2 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Here Be Dragons (Ad Noiseam) … ter/188433
3 Imminent – Cask Strength (Ant-Zen) … ter/187863
4 Tim Exile – Listening Tree (Warp Records) … ster/25078
5 Industrieel Erfgoed (Ketacore) … se/1668100
6 Stendeck – Sonnambula (Tympanik Audio) … se/1642235
7 The Outside Agency – Reality Collapse / Hell’s Basement (Independenza Records) … ter/111330
8 Ochre – Like Dust Of The Balance (Benbecula) … se/1855717
9 Yagya – Rigning (Sending Orbs)
10 Raoul Sinier – Tremens Industry (Ad Noiseam) … se/1964127

TA014 | Tapage: The Institute Of Random Events

Tapage began as an axe-grinder for a short-lived metal/hip-hop band in the Netherlands. He soon departed from his roots when introduced to tracker programming and began developing electronic beats and fusing guitar with synthetic sounds. It wasn’t long before Tapage started formulating his own style, experimenting with the vast possibilities of electronic sound manipulation.

Inspired by IDM and Breakcore legends like Venetian Snares, Gridlock, and Somatic Responses, as well as Post-Rock and Avant-Garde composers, Tapage continues with his vision to merge complicated, harsh rhythms with dream-like atmospheres to create a unique dynamic that is virtually impossible to ignore.

Now, Tapage joins the ranks of innovative electronic music composers in the Tympanik Audio artist roster to release his debut full-length CD ‘The Institute Of Random Events’.

Combining glitch-tech beats with entrancing atmospheres and serendipitous melodies, ‘The Institute Of Random Events‘ will captivate your awareness and lure you in for a mysterious and complex aural expedition.

A distinctive futuristic vision of electronic music possibilities.

Limited to 333 copies and packaged in a beautifully-designed digipak.


1 Black Tape
2 Lockswitch
3 Shadow Stain
4 Head Cage
5 Skinloop
6 Bloomchild
7 Transatlantic Headroom Tube
8 Dirtwalker
9 Sinkpool
10 Pretend Not To See
11 Cnyspher
12 Acalephs
13 Brain Capacity Overload
14 Much Like A Dream

Available on Compact Disc only August 25th, 2008 from Tympanik Audio.

(different tracks mixed plus promo videos)
(Tapage – Acalephs)
(previews of four tracks of the album)