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syntheme (uk, planet mu/weme)
society suckers (d, kool.pop/peace off)
wasted acid force (d, amex)
vince the prince (vatican analog/bunker)
paul toys for noise (accu/team wasted)
singularity (singularity/kx starter)
typhique vs wout (team wasted/tochnics)

last minute: Capslock replaces Christoph Fringeli

dmdn (trigga/crackbeats)
rioteer (crackbeats)
sah selecter (wirwar/crackbeats)

inkom maar €5,-


Together with Whatspace, ZXZW organizes a series of evenings drenched in tequila, oysters, art and music. And not in that specific order. These evenings will emerge all over 2009 in different cities in Europe. ZXZW will deliver the earcandy, Whatspace the eyecandy.
The first Whatbar will open in Tilburg on the 23th of January. Here’s the full line up:

Sculptures by Remco Torenbosch
All round entertainer John’s onemanshowband: the oldtimer
Shirtdesigns by Michiel Schuurmans
Soundart by V/Vm
Cool hip-hop by Jack the Rapper
And a movie from Pacome Beru en Samir Mougas

23th January 2009 @ NS16
NS plein 16 Tilburg (NL)
doors open @ 20:00h

More info:…at01_07_vvm.mp3…at02_05_vvm.mp3…mt10_01_vvm.mp3…mt20_01_vvm.mp3






Jack The Rapper