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Rancorous Records, Barcore, Illphabetik, Meganeural

Raxyor aka Jeffrey Penton, hailing from New York, He began to experiment with electronic music back in 1999 Producing electronic noise, which landed him a few gigs local New York and in Canada. About 2005 Raxyor stepped beyond the realm of “inspired” and in to the kingdom of inspired genius. Raxyor kicks out intricate, complex beats arrayed in fashions which you cannot predict any more than you help enjoying. He describes his style as “Hyper Jungle, Splatter, Rave’n’Bass fused with Classic Dubstep and D&B roots. ” There are two musicians whose work has surprised, delighted and amazed me at every turn: Mozart and Raxyor. The former is dead. The latter has contributed to a dozen albums released by ten record labels over the past five years With Rancorous Records his main Label from NY, Meganeural, Illphabetik, Yomi, Day Of The Droids, Auricle Media, Hive Records, No-FI Studios, Apogsasis and more!
After a couple extensive years of touring in Europe and the UK, Constantly working to further experiment and improve his production skills, Raxyor has been able to stand miles apart from most of the crowd and really push the sonic boundaries of drum and bass fused with hyper jungle and seasoned well with ballistc bass lines. Switching from razor sharp editing to wild splattered destruction, Raxyor takes a serious and deadly approach to his work.
Raxyor made his debut appearance at The Lucky Cat in Brooklyn NYC w/ Xanopticon and Slutmachine. Since then he has performed in Canada, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, the Ukraine, Norway, Scotland, Lithuania, Spain and various cities around the United States.
Playing alongside some of the best in the underground Raxyor has proven to the masses why he has been put on some of the best line ups across the world, sharing the stage with Otto Von Schirach, Luke Vibert, Ebola, DJ Hidden, Rotator, DJ Scotch Egg, Enduser and many more!.

Babyshaker [UK]

Babyshaker is a producer from deep in the scottish countryside. With very little else to do other than accidentally run over
rabbits with his car he started producing in 2004. His sound ranges all the way from the deepest dubstep through to a raging side of jungle rarley heard and all the way out to some of the hardest breakcore sounds around. More recently has been focusing on more dancfloor friendly bangers: “Im becoming mroe interested in making people move with me than want to mvoe away from me”. Babyshaker’s live performances involve slick mixing of original material, large amounts of FX manipulation using home made Reaktor algorhythms and even larger amounts of eardrum abuse and full on improvised mashups – anything goes. Babyshaker has been playing shows and wrecking audiences for a number of years now, he has played all throughout europe and beyond, and has shared the stage with acts such as Xanopticon,
Bong Ra, Ebola, Ladyscraper, Pisstank, FFF and Duran Duran Duran. Babyshaker has released on Rancorous Records,
OXO-Unlimited, Ideation Records and also runs Meganeural Records with Hoonboy.

Istari Lasterfahrer [DE]

Istari Lasterfahrer is a Breakcore producer from Hamburg, Germany. His works belong to the most extreme and experimental in the whole genre. He also made music under the names of Error23 and Demodulizer. Together with Repogrrl he found the label Sozialistischer Plattenbau in 1999. _________________



DURAN DURAN DURAN (Audio Damage rec., Planet Mu, Cock Rock Disco) USA
ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (Sonic Belligeranza, Hirntrust rec.) GERMANY
RIOTEER (Crack Beats, Ketacore) -LIVE- NETHERLANDS
FEXOMAT (Future Sickness, NSF, GERMANY
FFF (Planet Mu, Sprengstoff, Zero71, Mindbender, Ketacore) -LIVE- NETHERLANDS
BART HARD (Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot, Crack Beats) NETHERLANDS
ARG (Beatbrothers)
SOMTEK (Koresett Kollektiv)
PHUCKING HAPPYEND (Koresett Kollektiv)
THE MASSACRE (Breakcore-Special !)
VIOLENT ASSASSIN (sonic suicide)

Partys I’d go to..

22.aug.2009 Fuckparade @ Centre, Berlin

22.aug.2009 Fuckparade Afterparty @ Tacheles. Berlin
feat: Xol Dog 400, Intergalactic Purifier, Rioteer, Bart Hard, Heavy & more!

04.sep.2009 Audio Active @ Musicon, Den Haag
feat: Robbert Mononom, Mangler, King Pin, Bart Acid, Akira, Vexer & more!

11.sep.2009 Takketek feat. NYMNYR @ Willemeen, Arnhem
12.sep.2009 Losers Always Win invites Takketek @ ’t Steegske, Gent
feat: Cardiak, Suburbass, FFF, Apzolut, King Pin, Joyo, Bart Hard & more!

18.sep.2009 Incubate : Swiss Breakcore / Speedcore @ V39, Tilburg
with: Violent Assassin, Somtek, Indee & Corrosive

19.sep.2009 Incubate : Tyree Cooper @ V39, Tilburg

20.sep.2009 Incubate : Saxony Speedcore Force @ V39, Tilburg
SSF meets Freitod Records with: Nh3, Hakkiba, Derange & N8wandler

26.sep.2009 Noise Central Festival @ 013 Batcave, Tilburg
Detritus, Fractional, Tapage, ESA, DJ Distortedchaos & Cnfsd

02.okt.2009 Crack Beats 23 @ 013 Batcave, Tilburg
Zombieflesheater, Nano.strike, Dysphemic, Electerra, Rioteer, Bart Hard

31.okt.2009 Kraakpiep vs Ketacore @ Bazart, Den Haag
feat: B82, Baron Staalhard, Bart Hard, David K, E’de DJ Team, Hardnoize & more!

hope we meet at (some of) these partys!

Dynamo Werk 21
Wasserwerkstr. 21
Zürich (CH)

Cost: 10 euro / 15 CHF

19:30 – 20:15 intro by: Pain Killer
20:15 – 21:30 n8wandler /DE
21:30 – 22:45 King Pin /NL
22:45 – 23:45 Nekompromat /NL
23:45 – 00:30 Violent Assassin
00:30 – 01:15 Capcom
01:15 – 03:00 NH3 vs. Derange /DE
03:00 – 03:45 The Massacre /LIVE
03:45 – 04:45 KTS: Bula /LIVE /PL
04:45 – 05:30 Jessy James
05:30 – 06:30 Hakkiba /DE
06:30 – 07:15 Bart Hard /NL
07:15 – 08:00 Nimwegen Terror Front/ NL