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29.nov.2009 15:11

..!!! OUT NOW !!!….

BW005 – X&trick – Rave Generation EP

X&trick needs no introduction. After releasing ep’s and tracks on labels such as Rebelscum, Suburban Trash,…he’s back with a collection of older and previously unreleased tunes which you’ve surely heard him bang out during one of his livesets across the globe.

5 Tracks / File under : Hardcore, Breakcore, Drum’n’Bass, Ambient

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BW004 – Skip – Toasted Spikey Bubbles EP

Skip is a visual and musical artist from Gent. On this EP he shows his wide versatility, going from deep ambient into melodic ‘rave-influenced’ IDM. One to watch!

6 Tracks / File under : IDM, Ambient, Experimental

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NWS.008 V/A – NEUROTIC WASTE SAMPLER 008: Pirates Hiding In Sleep

A1 Headache – Carnivaale
A2 X&Trick – Building Warriors
A3 Igneon System – My Unfortunate Dream
B1 Sunjammer – Everything (Helius Zhamiq Jazz RMX)
B2 Xanopticon – Pirates Hiding In Sleep
B3 Sunjammer – Everything (Helius Zhamiq Core RMX)

ein Bild

Recorded @ Whut u call it vol. 4 / LUCERNE!

Kazey and Bulldog, Sandrinho, Glowstyx, Milanese
Mochipet, Bogdan Raczynski, Shitmat, FFF, X&Trick,
Donna Summer, Otto von Schirach, Mathhead,
the Random Bit Generator, Knifehandchop….
….and a lot more!!!!!!

M-Audio Axiom 25, UC 33e, Ableton Live and
a bunch of breakz/ soundz / plug-ins….
…lot of beer, gin tonic…oiiiiioiiiiiOIIIIII!!!



The Massacre (Terrornoize Industry, CH)
De Vrolijke Gabberfederatie
Enkidu vs X&trick (live)
K-os vs Diathroda
Monorf vs Circumflex

HOLLAND ROOM: (all acts from Holland)

FFF (Planet Mu, Wreck Havoc) live
Assasin (Wreck Havoc)
Thye (Wreck Havoc)
Capslock (Wreck Havoc, Ketacore)
King Pin (Nymnyr)
Bart Hard (Nymnyr)
Xanaxsax (Nymnyr)
Puke Brigade (Vatican Analog)
Ex.Zero (Abnormaal)

26/07/2008 Frontline / Steegske : GENT / BELGIË




King Pin

FFF & MC Assassin



Bart Hard


So founding party for the NON PROFIT law org…


22u: We The Machine
23u: O For Odetta
00u: Sicktronick
01u: Electrik Kettle
02u: Oëto
03u: X&Trick
04u: Saper
05u: Xr8ed


First names:

Counterstrike (Evol Intent, Obscene, Outbreak, South Africa) LIVE
Boxcutter (Planet Mu, Hotflush, U.K.) LIVE
Global Goon (Rephlex, Wémè, U.K.) LIVE
X&trick (Bug Klinik, Suburban Trash, B) LIVE
Cafe Con Leche (9 Piece ska) LIVE BAND
Ansatz Der Maschine (Vlas Vegas Rec, Je m’en Fish) LIVE BAND
Sicktronick (I&I Relations, B) LIVE
Jah Inspiration Sound (Irie Vibes, Green Forward, B)
Stoornis (Narcosis, B) LIVE

many more names to be confirmed soon!

Drum’n’Bass, Dub, Breakcore, Reggae, Acid,
Ska, Hardcore, Electronica, Gypsy, Post-rock,
Tekno, IDM, Darkstep and much more…

Sat. 01 November 2008, ICC GENT, BELGIUM
Citadelpark, (near St. Pieterstrainstation)

Ng-Ng presents Smackdown – Uncensored!

Start: 23:00 – End: 06:00

Presale: 15 euro, Doorsale 17,50 euro
Presale @ the venue &

Area 1: Beats: Acid, Breakbeat, Darkcore, Industrial Hardcore, UK-Hardcore, Frenchcore, TeKno & More

Bogdan Raczynski (PL) – Rephlex
Mike Paradinas a.k.a. mu-Ziq (UK) – Planet Mu / Deathchant
The Teknoist (UK) – Ninja Columbo / Deathchant
Bryan Fury (UK) – Pacemaker / Deathchant
X&Trick (BE) – Bug Klinik Records
Element: Destruction (NL) – Smackdown

Area 2: Breakz: Ambient, IDM, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakcore & More

Jamie Vex’D (UK) – Planet Mu
Boxcutter (UK) – Planet Mu / Hotflush Recordings
Alter State (UK) – Pacemaker
Xanopticon (USA) – Hymen / Zhark International
Apzolut (NL) – LoMechanik
Subwoofer (NL) – Smackdown

More Info:

Pre Poster: (Real flyer & poster coming soon!)