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Here I want to present you my set I did at last STORM party in Baroeg, Rotterdam.

The mix was the opening set of the crossover party which focussed on gothic, industrial, tekno and darkcore.

You will hear a mix between (dark)ambient, (gothic)industrial, experimental music and post-breakcore things that go way beyond all genre-style-boundaries



01. Aleister Crowley – At Sea
02. A.P – Room Of Scattered Memories And Dust
03. Cassandra Datakill – DisCussion
04. Neurobit – Sweet Lullaby To End A Bad Day
05. UHT/Saoulaterre – Esthetique De L’Obscene
06. Burial Hex – Hunger part I
07. United 79 – Sous Brest
08. Suneaters – Solar Suneaters Transmission
09. 93 Current 93 – Killy Kill Killy (A Fire Sermon)
10. Kostnice – Die Sommer Danach
11. Solar Skeletons – Frozen Jail Of Reversed Demons
12. Milligram Retreat – Separated
13. Kareem – Druids
14. Nathan Siter – Carols
15. ZymOsiZ – War Of Gods
16. Axiome – Bidjak
17. Disastrous Din – Emergency (Radio Edit)
18. ANC – In The Year 2525
19. Fifth Era – Untitled

Image Image

doomcore – industrial – witch house – breakcore – noise – hardcore – more


dj set / 65 London / Phuture Rave Rec./ Utamoh Thumo / Acardipane Rec.

live set / Ant-Zen / Darkforce / Vendetta Music

1st ever live set! / Orange Socks / Tundra Dubs / Phantasma Disques

live set / Zhark International / No Room For Talent / Dark Winter

live set / United Elements Of Hate / Ketacore Records

dj set / Wreck Havoc / Ketacore Records

damage : eur 6,00

Amstelveenseweg 134
Amsterdam, Netherlands

not your monkey not your robot & crack beats present

Alle foto's weergeven | Bart Hard  

Zhark vs Praxis labelnight

29 oktober, op de avond voor Halloween vindt een samenwerking tussen Crack Beats en Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot plaats; Samen organiseren zij de Praxis & Zhark labelnight, wat betekent: experimentele breakcore van de duisterste plank.

Het is niet de eerste keer dat de wegen van Praxis en Zhark elkaar kruisen. Zo zijn er diverse gezamelijke releases. Daarnaast zijn in het verleden vaker feesten gegeven onder gezamelijke titel in Berlijn.

Praxis, het oudste en misschien ook wel breedste breakcore label ter wereld, is opgericht in 1992 door Christoph Fringeli. Hij zal dan ook aanwezig zijn met een breakcore set van de scherpste randjes.

Vanaf het Zhark label komt uiteraard Hecate. Zij zal haar occulte stijl vertegenwoordigen die varieert van dark ambient tot blackmetal achtige breakcore!

Op het Zhark label zijn daarnaast ook releases van Slutmachine (US) en Bulkrate (NL)verschenen, die ook beide hun meest duistere live sets ten gehore zullen brengen. Naast Slutmachine komt ook Dolores Drewberry uit America. Zij brengt ook al meer dan 10 jaar releases uit op obscure underground labels zoals het gerenomeerde Susan Lawly label op gericht door William Bennett van Whitehouse. Zij zal een psychic noise performance brengen.

Ook zullen de artiesten achter Crack Beats en Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot hun eigen draai aan de avond geven, met een live set van Rioteer en een speciale dj set van King Pin en Bart Hard. Het geheel wordt op gepaste wijze van beeld voorzien door het Tilburgse vj collectief, Plagiaat Vj’s.

line up:

Hecate(Zhark International)

Christoph Fringeli (Praxis, Sub/Version)

Slutmachine (Zhark,No Room For Talent,USA)

Dolores Dewberry (Susan Lawly, Nastycandy, V/VM Test,USA)

Bulkrate (Zhark International, No Room For Talent, Darkwinter)

Rioteer (Crack beats)

Bart Hard (NYMNYR)

King pin (NYMNYR)

Plagiaat vj’s (Crackbeats)

WillemEen Arnhem
Damage 8 euro
from 22:00 till 04:00

some info!

Treachery LTD ed. SILVER vinyl out in October!

The relaunch of the Zhark site comes along with a special offering of the most malefic kind.  Starting things out right will be a special LTD ed of 250 silver 12″ copies of the debut EP release of TREACHERY, which came out on CD last year on Czar of Crickets.
There will another 300 pressed on black vinyl for the unlucky ones who do not get these copies first!


Pre-Order now and get the silver, numbered LTD version in a high grade B/W cover at the low cost of 11 euros+shipping
We will include stickers and LTD liner notes in these versions.

email –


for payment and shipping inquiries!

“”More horror-drenched than any Hollywood scream flick could possibly imagine, Treachery’s self-titled debut excretes primeval ferocity and calculated skill, suturing together blasts of musical extremity and vicious
attitude.” – Exclaim Magazine

“Black metal has a strong connection to both the ambience and drone genres as it is basically just a step or two away from them, and they all draw heavily on atmosphere over technical skill. The self-titled first release from Treachery dabbles a little with all three types of sound, switching back and forth between them and frequently blending them together into something altogether different. While the length of the album is lamentably short, the music contained in the small run time is worth a listen for anyone who enjoys black metal that goes in distinctive or unusual directions.” – Metal Underground

Now available for pre-order!!

“Vitus Blister”
Zhark Int. 12018

Church bells shatter against a backdrop of lightning speed breaks while sinister creatures take shape in deep caverns.
Bong-Ra transports the listener back to the demonic rites of the middle ages by summoning four apocalyptic pieces of his darkest work to date on the latest vinyl installment from Zhark International.  Blending high-definition Breakcore with harrowing strings and crushing screams, the 12″ kicks off with “Nomina Nuda Tenemus” – a dense ride straight into occulted secrets guarded by Gregorian Monks.  “La Plume De Ma Tante” follows with sweltering bass terror and overwhelming blasts of precision beat sequencing, a must for any Breakcore DJ or Headbanger alike.   The flip side offers a slightly more subtle approach which starts with “Naai De Duivel In Zn Reet”.  This piece features intensely mangled breaks grinding against bloodcurdling vocal samples and hyperspeed DnB detonations – closing with sliding ambiance leading into the final chapter of this audio incubus.  On “Zumo de mis Cojones Oscuros”, Bong-Ra offers a splintered sliding percussive deluge and a tearing mise en scene which harks back to some of his more experimental releases like the “Praying Mantis EP”.  Melding classic dancefloor bombast with fiendish aggression and tortured screams – Vitus Blister marks a return to truly malevolent sonics, for both label and artist alike.

contact to place your order!!