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DJ Hidden & Broken Note / Niveau Zero & Balkansky – Existence / Obey – adn155


ImageFour confirmed, veteran Ad Noiseam artists and a myriad of versions, edits and corrections ping-ponged between all of them. “Existence” and “Obey” are the carefully laid-out, detailled and fresh results of musicians having fun with each other’s material and proving how at ease they are with both dubstep and drum’n’bass. DJ Hidden’s sharpness, Broken Note’s epic proportions, Niveau Zero’s clever open-mindedness and Balkansky’s meticulousness: yes they managed to pack all of this in these two highly cohesive tracks. A must-have for anybody into any of these acts. Get this on 12″ / as digital files

Four artists, two tracks, and two pairings of some of the most insidious and powerful dubstep and drum’n’bass gathered on one record.

The meeting-up of two high profile but very distinct producers, “Existence” is, by any standard, a beats of a track. Combining the clinically sharp and melodic drum’n’bass of DJ Hidden with the organic basses and monstrously detailed sound assemblage of Broken Note was a tour-de-force for both parties. Here is a tune that went through countless versions, the artists ping-ponging with beats, drops and low frequencies. The result paid off, as “Existence” is almost a genre in itself, from its hypnotic intros to the staccato oscillations of its bassline. Played out by both DJ Hidden and Broken Note at recent concerts, the fruit of this long alchemical process has proven to be an exhilarating, deadly one.

On the flip side, Balkansky & Niveau Zero’s collaboration is another carefully planned effort of two producers with different techniques. Started as an experiment right before an Ad Noiseam night in Paris during which both acts were playing, “Obey” is, just like “Existence”, the result of a Niveau Zero’s epic dubstep colliding with Balkansky’s gritty one (and Cooh’s infectious drum’n’bass). Both carried by a rich melody and broken by sudden drops and edits, this track is heaven for head-bangers and thrashers with its abysmal bass and constant changes.

Much has been written about the combination of hard dubstep and dark drum’n’bass, and many tracks have been written to try to reconciliate both genres. With this record, though, it is the collaboration of confirmed, veteran artists which gave birth to the most cohesive and efficient hybrid of these styles to date.




DJ Hidden
Broken Note
Niveau Zero


Existence / Obey





Release date:

January 23rd, 2012

Tracklisting: A. DJ Hidden & Broken Note: “Existence”
B. Niveau Zero & Balkansky “Obey”

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Mastered at 4Be.

Information: DJ Hidden –
Broken Note –
Niveau Zero –
Balkansky –

Ad Noiseam is proud to announce today the release of a new EP by
Balkansky (a.k.a. COOH) and Loop Stepwalker:
Ad Noiseam adn140
12" / digital - Feb 22nd
The renowned detailled and personal production of Balkansky (a.k.a.
COOH) meet the rage and insolence of the young Loop Stepwalker,
resulting in a powerful record which puts rawness back into dubstep.
"Fraktals", the first collaborative release between these two artists,
is an energy-packed and original record which will fit perfectly
alongside Broken Note or Niveau Zero both on the dancefloor and on
turntables. Dirty but subtle, hard but balanced: the first step of an
exciting path.
For more information, audio excerpt and pre-ordering, point your
browsers to:
Clips from all the tracks of this EP can be listened to here:
And Youtube fans can also check this full "video":