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Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-058
Number of tracks: 4
Genres: Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Format: Flac, Mp3, Ogg
Download Flac, Ogg:
Visit The Artist: Bulkrate
Cover: Azlan DuPree
Direct URL: Bulkrate – Nocturnals
Review at BOF-058

Nocturnals… the feeling you get when walking through the city at night. Shadows. Things you think to see in the corner of your eye vanish when looked at straight on. The eyes you feel burning in the dark. The (maybe) paranoid feeling that you are being watched…

Always, it seemed to me when I awaked into the Future, into the Everlasting Night that lapped this world, that I saw near to me, and girdling me all about, a blurred greyness. And presently this, the greyness, would clear and fade from about me, even as a dusky cloud, and I would look out upon a world of darkness, lit here and there with strange sights. And with my waking into that Future, I waked not to ignorance; but to a full knowledge of those things which lit the Night Land; even as a man wakes from sleep each morning, and knows immediately he wakes, the names and knowledge of the Time which has bred him, and in which he lives. And the same while, a knowledge I had, as it were sub-conscious, of this Present—this early life, which now I live so utterly alone.

– William Hope Hodgson, The Night Land (1912)

bulkrate & capslock
e fil de vilnulimited (50pcs) vinyl look cdr + artwork in metal tin
with occult beats and broken industrial

1. Bulkrate – Before The First Dawn 04:34
2. Bulkrate – Ritual Dance 04:53
3. Bulkrate – At Fullmoon 03:57
4. Bulkrate – Strangers 04:28
5. Bulkrate – Ritual Dance (Capslock Remix) 06:34
6. Capslock – Cleansed By Blood 09:08
7. Capslock – Tank War Europa 08:37
8. Capslock – Echelon 06:28
9. Capslock – Royalty Destroyer 07:53
10. Capslock – Cleansed By Blood (Bulkrate Remix) 06:27


released 19th of may 2012
ketacore records – ketacdr005


Bulkrate delivers four tracks recorded at an occult ritual from the future, held in an overgrown area where only the drums remind us of the abandoned factory it once was. While his alienating rhythms are ever present, they are more like a minimal undercurrent to which bodies may move, submissive to and tortured by the ancient powers summoned by his chants.

Capslock’s tracks are more driven by rogue technological forces, being played somewhere in a vast city under a poisoned silver sky. Over-amplified sounds that young girls with cyborg-like implants dance to. Rhythmically, almost mechanically, entertaining themselves while they scan through the attracted observers for their next victim.


Voor slechts 5 eurootjes heb je dit prachtige gelimiteerde kunstwerkje in huis. PM me, of mail , of het allermakkelijkst is via de bandcamp page, want daar kan je hem gelijk beluisteren :


Praxis News for May 2012Out now!
Released TODAY – April 30:

PRAXIS 50 – Electric Kettle: News From Berlin
12” EP with full color sleeve designed by the artist & download code!
The new four-tracker by Electric Kettle is his first record in 5 years.
Showing him at the peak of creativity these are superbly crafted tracks
full of detail and depth.
get it here (12″ with download code): … ts_id/4613
or here (either 12″ with download, or only download): … -praxis-50

DM12004 – V/A: Accretion EP (12″ & digital)
Featuring tearing tracks by Minion, Fiend, Poxxe and Ressurector, plus
scratch samples by Baseck, this is the first compilation with the core
producers of L.A.’s Darkmatter Soundsystem.
Out mid-may, exclusively distributed by Praxis.

PRAXIS 49 – Bulkrate: In the Temple of the Serpent (12″ & digital)
After three digital only releases on Dark Winter and Zhark International
this is Bulkrate’s first vinyl offering. Five tracks of strong atmospheric
occult breakcore that will please the fans of Abelcain and Slutmachine
with a personal take on dark atmospherics and caustic beats.


NoiseAngriff is a night for new experimental music, noise and breakcore
taking place at Lauschangriff, Rigaerstrasse 103 in Berlin-Friedrichshain
every first and third wednesday of the month.
The first is usually dedicated more to noise and soundscapes, the third
more to different shades of “breakcore”. We also do the praxis record
stall there at each of the events. This month:


May 2:Knifeloop
Yvan Volochine (
Audiovisual Performance: Kasper Toeplitz (Noise) and Peggy Sylopp (Visuals)
Dj Dada
Manecante Dj set
Dj Indigen
Crash 0.1
Stay until late and dance yr asses off!
Visuals: Aikia (, Vippsgrädde
Videoistallations by Aikia and Crash 0.1


May 16:
Bart Hard
LFO Demon
& more to be announced closer to the date here:


We will take part in two events of 2012 is the season for treason –
Critical reflections on BB7
taking place at okk/raum29: Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin
May 5: Polaris Internationa: Art As Social Glue + Party with Praxis DJ’s
May 12: -Kavecs Projects: Third Position in Europe
-Datacide: From Subculture to Hegemony, Transversal
Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk
and Martial Industrial
More infos here:


June 9: Praxis presents a fundraiser for Datacide Twelve and a celebration
of the new record releases by Electric Kettle and Bulkrate in the space of
Subversiv e.V., Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin-Mitte (U8 Rosenthaler Platz)
We return to Subversiv for an all night party with a massive line-up:
Electric Kettle
Noize Creator
and more!
closer to the date!

After the complete revamp of the praxis web site ( the online shop ( will be next… watch out for a completely new shop in the next week – more details soon!


upcoming cdr by Bulkrate & CAPSLOCK … place your pre-order via

bulkrate & capslock
e fil de vilnu

limited (50pcs) vinyl look cdr + artwork in metal tin
with occult beats and broken industrial

4 bulkrate tracks + 1 capslock remix
4 capslock tracks + 1 bulkrate remix

released 19th of may 2012
ketacore records – ketacdr005

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dw078 – Bulkrate – entities

Follow-up release to Convocation by Netherlands based producer/musician Bulkrate. This release leads you further into the artist’s mind and the inner demons festered nightmare and the darkest side of being.

Betrayed and raped from his last shred of innocence.

More and more living in his own world filled with entities and spirits. Where left could be right and up could be down.

Download Full Album:

dw078 – Bulkrate – entities (54.7 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 – a frozen realm (12.1 MB)
Track 02 – the curse (14.4 MB)
Track 03 – gathering of spirits (13.1 MB)
Track 04 – 220 demons (13.6 MB)
Track 05 – drown thy sorrow (9.6 MB)

more releases:

Image Image

doomcore – industrial – witch house – breakcore – noise – hardcore – more


dj set / 65 London / Phuture Rave Rec./ Utamoh Thumo / Acardipane Rec.

live set / Ant-Zen / Darkforce / Vendetta Music

1st ever live set! / Orange Socks / Tundra Dubs / Phantasma Disques

live set / Zhark International / No Room For Talent / Dark Winter

live set / United Elements Of Hate / Ketacore Records

dj set / Wreck Havoc / Ketacore Records

damage : eur 6,00

Amstelveenseweg 134
Amsterdam, Netherlands

not your monkey not your robot & crack beats present

Alle foto's weergeven | Bart Hard  

Zhark vs Praxis labelnight

29 oktober, op de avond voor Halloween vindt een samenwerking tussen Crack Beats en Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot plaats; Samen organiseren zij de Praxis & Zhark labelnight, wat betekent: experimentele breakcore van de duisterste plank.

Het is niet de eerste keer dat de wegen van Praxis en Zhark elkaar kruisen. Zo zijn er diverse gezamelijke releases. Daarnaast zijn in het verleden vaker feesten gegeven onder gezamelijke titel in Berlijn.

Praxis, het oudste en misschien ook wel breedste breakcore label ter wereld, is opgericht in 1992 door Christoph Fringeli. Hij zal dan ook aanwezig zijn met een breakcore set van de scherpste randjes.

Vanaf het Zhark label komt uiteraard Hecate. Zij zal haar occulte stijl vertegenwoordigen die varieert van dark ambient tot blackmetal achtige breakcore!

Op het Zhark label zijn daarnaast ook releases van Slutmachine (US) en Bulkrate (NL)verschenen, die ook beide hun meest duistere live sets ten gehore zullen brengen. Naast Slutmachine komt ook Dolores Drewberry uit America. Zij brengt ook al meer dan 10 jaar releases uit op obscure underground labels zoals het gerenomeerde Susan Lawly label op gericht door William Bennett van Whitehouse. Zij zal een psychic noise performance brengen.

Ook zullen de artiesten achter Crack Beats en Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot hun eigen draai aan de avond geven, met een live set van Rioteer en een speciale dj set van King Pin en Bart Hard. Het geheel wordt op gepaste wijze van beeld voorzien door het Tilburgse vj collectief, Plagiaat Vj’s.

line up:

Hecate(Zhark International)

Christoph Fringeli (Praxis, Sub/Version)

Slutmachine (Zhark,No Room For Talent,USA)

Dolores Dewberry (Susan Lawly, Nastycandy, V/VM Test,USA)

Bulkrate (Zhark International, No Room For Talent, Darkwinter)

Rioteer (Crack beats)

Bart Hard (NYMNYR)

King pin (NYMNYR)

Plagiaat vj’s (Crackbeats)

WillemEen Arnhem
Damage 8 euro
from 22:00 till 04:00

some info!

Bulkrate – ‘Gloom’


01. The pentagram
02. The tale of the vampire
03. Things that made him kill
04. Put you’re mind to ease
05. The swiftest arrows target
06. In the darkness

All synts, samples and beats by Evert de Weerd

Download .zip

dw068 – Bulkrate – Convocation

Grim and eerie sounds directly from the subconsciousness of the artist`s mind. Dealing with death, depression, betrayal, fear, loss, inner demons, belonging, the occult, will and rebirth.

A landscape of mainly improvised soundscapes and darkambient that will take you down into the world of the watchers and other dimensions that exist all around us that people are too afraid to see.

We all are members of the convocation of lost souls on our way to self-termination.

Synths and Samples: Evert de Weerd

Download Full Album:

dw068 – Bulkrate – Convocation (41.9 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 – Convocation (10.3 MB)
Track 02 – Into the portal of doom (12.8 MB)
Track 03 – Under the ice cold surface (8.47 MB)
Track 04 – Crossing the river (10.1 MB)

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