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Norwegian invasion by zxzw.
Norwegian Invasion is a collaboration between ZXZW and our Norwegian counterparts of the independent music club Bla, in Oslo, and is supported by Bureau Cultuurmakelaar in Tilburg. The Batcave will host a whole week of cool Norwegian bands and acts including Shining, Svarte Greiner and a Peter Beste exhibition on Norwegian Black Metal.
Next year, Tilburg will invade Oslo, and a significant amount of Tilburg bands will be playing the Bla venue for a week!
  • Date:
  • Monday 15 September
  • 20:00 – 00:00
  • @ Batcave
  • Date:
  • Tuesday 16 September
  • 20:00 – 00:00
  • @ Batcave
  • Date:
  • Wednesday 17 September
  • 20:00 – 00:00
  • @ Batcave
  • Date:
  • Thursday 18 September
  • 20:00 – 00:00
  • @ Batcave
  • Date:
  • Friday 19 September
  • 20:00 – 04:00
  • @ Batcave
  • Date:
  • Saturday 20 September
  • 18:00 – 23:00
  • @ Batcave
  • Date:
  • Sunday 21 September
  • 15:00 – 22:00
  • @ Batcave

Sten Ove Toft and the ZXZW promoters have put together a top notch Norwegian program. Besides that there will be record stands by Roggbif Records, Norway Rat Records and

timetables and venues can be found on

ZXZW is the annual celebration of independent culture. Expect a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, contemporary dance, film and visual arts. We bring more than 270 cutting edge artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Street art next to academic dance.

There’s a special 8 bit night during this festival:

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.

We just thought that we had enough of gameboy music. Most of the times it’s just the same tunes. Suddenly Akira from Buenos Aires contacts us that he’s around. His audio visual performances already rocked acclaimed festivals like Creamfields and Onedotzero. They are visual astonishing. And it’s just nice music.

Computadora is Herr Galatran and Dr.Drama with their intelligent happy computer. The sounds and visuals come from old Commodore and Atari computers and the passion comes from extensive performing as part of various punk/hardcore/IDM/electro-constellations through the years. At the moment the computer likes to mashup old 8-bit songs with the humans’ flavour for groovy glitches and electro squarewave party

With his roots in catchy aswell as extreme music, a Goto80 performance is like an 8-bit uppercut of data death, with toys on top. Who said that pop, grindcore, acid and polka couldn’t be mixed together using bleeps and vocals? With 100 released songs and 50 gigs only in 2007 he has almost become some kind of retarded ambassadeur of lo-tech data error – or “one of the most prolific chipmusic people”, according to the magazine Computer Music. In 2007 he also introduced chipmusic to Israel, was one of three nominees for best C64-composer ever and celebrated 10 years in the C64-demoscene.

Stu has earned his name “Don Atari electro” by years of crunchy beats for dance floors and low-tech music lovers worldwide. He became well known due to his ways of tweaking the very limited soundchip of the Atari ST to a completely different level. Nobody can do what Stu does, using only a squarewave and a noise generator on three channels. His complex sound programmings shuffled into groovy rhythms, can arrange soundscapes that are more digitally harsh than any other electro available


For people who like techno, minimal, future disco and techhouse:

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.

with artists Bjørn Torske and Shari Vari

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.

with artists Schlammpeitziger, Louis Guilliaume, Gastón Arévalo, James Kumo, Chris Moss Acid and Disco Exota


On saturday there’s very eclectic dance night from dubstep to eurohouse to thai disco. It is named World Electronix

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.

20:30 – 21:00 Gelbart
21:00 – 21:30 Suckafish P
21:30 – 22:00 Neurosis Orchestra
22:00 – 22:30 DJ Shabushabu
22:30 – 23:30 Maho*Thaidisco
23:30 – 00:00 The USA Kings
00:00 – 01:00 DJ Pinchado


For the people who like breakcore and stuff, there’s also a special dance night:

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.

on friday september 19th the timetable for The Shape Of Breakcore 2 Cum will be:

Hall of Fame Area 1:

21:00 – 21:45: Nano.strike

Surround Breakcore Project:

21:45 – 23:55: Doormouse
21:45 – 23:55: Otto Von Schirach
21:45 – 23:55: Rioteer

Hall of Fame Area 2:

21:00 – 21:45: Sah selecter
21:45 – 22:15: King Pin
22:15 – 22:45: And Full Stop
22:45 – 23:15: Binray
23:15 – 00:00: Fractional


22:00 – 22:45 Assassin
22:45 – 23:30 Kid Kishore
23:30 – 00:00 FFF
00:00 – 00:30 Babyshaker
00:30 – 01:00 Pisstank

013 Kleine Zaal

23:00 – 23:45 Ebola
23:45 – 00:30 Electric Kettle
00:30 – 01:00 DJ Floorclearer
01:00 – 01:30 Ladyscraper
01:30 – 02:00 LFO Demon
02:00 – 02:30 Judith Priest
02:30 – 03:15 The Deathmaker
03:15 – 04:00 Speedranch

013 Batcave

23:00 – 23:30 DjDjipe
23:30 – 00:00 Raxyor
00:00 – 00:45 Harry Poppins
00:45 – 01:30 Tep
01:30 – 02:00 Tapage
02:00 – 02:30 Ars Dada
02:30 – 03:00 Hard Off
03:00 – 03:30 Freeka Peeka
03:30 – 04:00 Company Fuck

Breakcore is the bastardchild of many musical genres like Jungle, IDM, Hardcore, Punk, Ragga, Breakbeats, Industrial and Noise. The most important rule is..? There are no rules! Early breakcore came from 80’s industrial, and got big with Digital Hardcore from the ‘90’s. Always evolving and adding new influences to the canon of breakcore, the artists invited here keep pushing the boundaries. Always forward developing and from the beginning till forever it is having some kind of anarchistic attitude.
Breakcore can be Rave and breakcore can be one big moshpit.

For ZXZW 2008 there will be a special addition in the form of the world’s first ever surround sound breakcore set by Otto von Schirach, Doormouse & Rioteer, using the M.A.S.E. interface with eight independent audio inputs and a library of sound movements. The artists have sample options for assigning a trajectory to an incoming audio signal and to start, stop or localise this. The artists can input the dimensions and shape of a room and the number of speakers which are to be controlled. Otto von Schirach, Doormouse and Rioteer are going to experience for a week long with this new system, and they will present a special breakcore set in this surround form on september 19th.
Furthermore we aim to show the diversity of the genre, as well as provide a meetingpoint for like minded, by putting together artists from all over Europe in The Shape of Breakcore 2 Cum!


On saturday there’s a noise contest named Eurovision Noise Festival!

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.

European countries compete against each other for the title of “The Best European Noise Act Of 2008.” Every act gets 13 minutes to show their skills to the audience. A professional jury constisting of Dr Bibber and Frans de Waard will give a professional reply to what the act showed them. The winner will get a release on ZXZW Records and of course the honor of being “The Best European Noise Act Of 2008.”

there artists that are performing here are:

The Sleep Sessions
Sheik Anorak
Sten Ove Toft
Animal Machine
Programmierter Zellentod & Radioaktiver Alterswohnsitz
The Disciple
Mafia vs. Ninja
Eugene Spaan Stamrot
Seven Armed Ooorgh


Noise on sunday will be in De Verschijning with

16:15 – 16:45 Anonymeye
17:45 – 18:15 Usurper
19:15 – 19:45 De Haan/ Spruit
20:30 – 21:00 Pigs in the Ground w/ leslie keffer

in this venue artwork of Manuel Tinnemans and Mchlknr is showed! These guys are gonna work for two weeks in the venue to make a new dark art work!!

Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.


further this week there’s many many more!

Amongst others there’s performing:

Computer Truck
Ambassador 21
Sir Duperman
Golden Serenades
John Hegre
Stellar Om Source
Total System Failure
Nackt Insecten
Kylie Minoise
Starving Weirdos
Burial Hex
Black to Comm
Our Brother The Native
Melted Cassettes
Bram Stadhouders
Onno Govaert
Sun Ra Arkestra
Cadence Weapon
Two Minute Noodles


Ticket info:

Passepartout Friday to Sunday: Click for ticket.
Passepartout for all events and performances from Friday 19 to Sunday 21.
€25 + service fee

Passepartout Monday to Sunday: Click for ticket.
Passepartout for all events and performances from Monday 15 to Sunday 21.
€45 + service fee

Monday ticket: Click for ticket.
Valid for all events and performances on Monday.
€7,50 + service fee

Tuesday ticket: Click for ticket.
Valid for all events and performances on Tuesday.
€7,50 + service fee

Wednesday ticket: Click for ticket.
Valid for all events and performances on Wednesday.
€7,50 + service fee

Thursday ticket: Click for ticket.
Valid for all events (excl. Heavy Metal Bowling) and performances on Thursday.
€7,50 + service fee

Friday ticket: Click for ticket.
Valid for all events and performances on Friday.
€7,50 + service fee

Saturday ticket: Click for ticket.
Valid for all events and performances on Saturday.
€15 + service fee

Sunday ticket: Click for ticket.
Valid for all events and performances on Sunday.
€15 + service fee

If you’re in The Netherlands, you can buy your tickets at the Ticketservicepresale outlets: The bigger post office, Free Record Shops, The GWK-banks, AUB Ticketshop and VVV-offices. You can also buy your ticket at the 013 Box Office and Sounds musicstore. If you don’t want to leave your house , you can also buy your ticket through 0900-3001250 (45ct. p.m. Only in Holland) or order the tickets on

International guests can order tickets online via


For the full zxzw program and all info about the other nights please go to

Sir Duperman (NO)

Jørgen Traen aka Sir Dupermann is known as the Norwegian super producer (producer for among others Jaga Jazzist, Magnet and Sondre Lerche) and and the man behind the Duper Studio (home of Røyksopp, Kings of Convenience, Jaga Jazzist et. al.). After years with hard production work he deceided to finally concentrate on his own music, and finish the longtime work with his debut album. Smalltown Supersound heard 2 tracks of his pre-production recordings, and was blown away! The label signed a deal right away. Traen moved to London where he stayed for 6 months producing his self-titeled debut album. The album has become a masterpiece. Out of the wildest chaos of sounds and rythms, Træen has created a pop album. Very compromiseless pop though. But even though his soundworld may sound chaotic, it is also very structured, detailed and complex. Træen has managed to turn chaos into beauty. With his fantastic production skills and his arsenal of machines, he has created an organic and warm sound, and a soundworld all of his own. ”Sir Dupermann” is a mastodon of an album; mindblowing, different, timeless and truly orginal.Træen`s rich and diverse sound is a result of his involvement with lots of different projects and scenes, both as a producer and as an artist. He has worked with everything from harsh noise, contemporary music and grim black metal to pure pop and electronic music.The album mixes elements from Cornelius`s and Plaid`s electropop, Fennesz` and Jim O`Rourke`s abstract electronics, the European free-jazz tradition of Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, sound effects from cartoons and movies, Aphex Twin, Lou Reed`s “Metal Machine Music”, the avantgarde sound of Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage, Q-Berts turntableism, Luc Ferrari`s musique concrete, Kid 606s electronic punk, Merzbow`s digital noise and the micro/click-scene around Mille Plateaux. Everything performed with the unpretentious attitude of punk rock. ”Sir Dupermann” is wild, beautiful and obsessive!

Golden Serenades (NO)

Jørgen Træen and John Hegre (of Jazzkammer) founded The Golden Serenades project in 1999. Dense, harsh noise and electronic influences rock that will shatter your senses…

Toy (NO)

Toy is an electronic duo formed by UK composer Alisdair Stirling and producer Jorgen Traeen from Bergen, Norway. Toy’s playful tunes mix kids TV (Pingu, Radiophonic Workshop) and Japanese style electronica (YMO and Cornelius) with a touch of Scandinavian electro weirdness. They also manage to combine a flavour of incidental/elevator music with beats and grooves to create infectious pop.

Stirling is behind the Bergen pop workshop/collective ‘House of Hiss’, working with Bergen producers The Sensible Twins (Hans Petter Gundersen and Kato Adland) which released ‘Holland Park/Sugar Shoop’ seven inch vinyl on New Records last year. Traeen is a well know producer who among others has produced Sondre Lerche, Magnet and Jaga Jazzist.He also has his own solo project Sir Dupermann on Smalltown Supersound.

John Hegre (NO)

John Hegre is half of Jazzkammer and an esthablished solo artist in his own right. Noise, drones and experimental electronics from up north…