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Here I want to present you my set I did at last STORM party in Baroeg, Rotterdam.

The mix was the opening set of the crossover party which focussed on gothic, industrial, tekno and darkcore.

You will hear a mix between (dark)ambient, (gothic)industrial, experimental music and post-breakcore things that go way beyond all genre-style-boundaries



01. Aleister Crowley – At Sea
02. A.P – Room Of Scattered Memories And Dust
03. Cassandra Datakill – DisCussion
04. Neurobit – Sweet Lullaby To End A Bad Day
05. UHT/Saoulaterre – Esthetique De L’Obscene
06. Burial Hex – Hunger part I
07. United 79 – Sous Brest
08. Suneaters – Solar Suneaters Transmission
09. 93 Current 93 – Killy Kill Killy (A Fire Sermon)
10. Kostnice – Die Sommer Danach
11. Solar Skeletons – Frozen Jail Of Reversed Demons
12. Milligram Retreat – Separated
13. Kareem – Druids
14. Nathan Siter – Carols
15. ZymOsiZ – War Of Gods
16. Axiome – Bidjak
17. Disastrous Din – Emergency (Radio Edit)
18. ANC – In The Year 2525
19. Fifth Era – Untitled

low entropy - 4-4 tracks for the wintertime - free netrelease
style: doomcore, doomtechno, experimental
01. futuristic
02. electronic 4
03. electronic 2
04. electronic 5
05. electronic 3
06. electronic 1
07. rave 6
08. rave 5
09. rave 9
10. long 1
11. long 2
this is maybe my most experimental release yet. i tried to combine the
style of 80s minimal synthesizer
music with hardcore techno and dark ambient. the tracks are all very lofi
and minimal, so be warned.

-low entropy – unreleased tracks part 2
style: experimental, breakcore… download

Low Entropy – Musik Ohne Action (Free Netrelease)

Style: Ambient, Experimental, Dark Ambient


01. Abstrakt 1
02. Abstrakt 2
03. Abstrakt 3
04. Experimental 7
05. Experimental 8
06. Experimental 4
07. Rest

this time something that is very different, musicwise.

Gay beast (US) + Child Abuse (US) 

zaterdag 29 januari
Gay beast (US) + Child Abuse (US)
noisy experimental mathmetal & avantgarde rock
Zaal open: 20:00 Aanvang: 20:30 Entree: 6.00
Gay Beast
Psychedelische homofiele beesten met veel lawaai!
Met releases op labels DNT, Gilgongo en Skin Graft heeft de band een reputatie opgebouwd aan de randen van het rockspectrum.
Hun geluid is te vreemd voor het stereotype ‘homo-band’ en ‘te gay’ voor noise-rockers. Invloeden zijn Devo, Captain Beefheart,
Afrikaanse pop-rock uit de jaren ‘60 en ‘70, no wave en feministische theorie. Dit brouwsel resulteert in Gay Beasts derde album
‘To Smithereens’, die deze winter is verschenen op Skin Graft Records.
Child Abuse
Is a band that sounds like the reanimated corpse of Miles Davis hatefucked all the guys in Morbid Angel, moved to Brooklyn,
and raised the resulting children on Bach!  Nintendo traumas, casio gekrijs, en dode metalen drums en een professionele jazz
bassist in de band…. Huh? dit moet moet wel iets heel bijzonders gaan worden live!