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Daily Archives: February 9th, 2011

Zaterdag 26 februari
Willemeen, Arnhem
23:00 – 04:00
Entree voor 00:00 uur: 1 euro
Entree na 00:00 uur: 3 euro


Zaal 1:

Kiwitekk vs. Galvatron
The Omen
Ernhems Mannencore

Zaal 2:

Bart Hard
King pin
dj killdozer
Poison yvy



Over the last 10 years, Dutch producer Rioteer gathered quite an unique collection of African music on vinyl. Ranging from percussive live recordings and field recordings from the famous Hugh Tracey series, to recordings by bands like Africa Djole. Rioteer played in percussion bands for several years and took lessons from well known percussionists like Quamar Dioubate.

Besides all this, he has produced, dj-ed and performed in the extreme electronic scene around the globe. His records on his own Crack Beats imprint show an unorthodox approach to breakcore and hardcore. This mix contains a bunch of records that have a major impact on Rioteer’s work today. Holla at him:

dl this AWESOME mix right here:

Sidney Toure – Kolda, Ville natale
Africa Djole – Yankadi
Fatala – Seonoba
Africa Djole – Cocokoda
Olatunji – Eyanu
Adama Drame – Soukou
Ambiances D’Afrique – Campement Mauritanien
Africa Djole – Kakilambe
Africa Soli – Cou Cou
Oboade – Live at the Africa Centre part 2